Lets talk about the weather

-16 Fahrenheit, a windchill of minus 34. Cars frozen solid to the ground. Memphis 20 degrees colder than Anchorage. Whether it is global warming or anything else, if it continues we have a pattern developing. Someone wise once told me that the way you predict the future is by looking at the present.

So lets look at this present. Employees unable to get to their work place, small business and corporations alike are closed. City services are either stopped or over worked. Fuel costs for heating are higher and the ability to even feed one’s family becomes difficult even if you have the money  and could get to the store.

At what point do people and business decide it simply isn’t worth it. When would the migration begin? I see that there is already thought in this direction.

So what do we do? Run and hide to where it is warm and leave the cold zone to wither and die?

We have a better idea though, a revolutionary idea. Nip it in the bud as they say down south. Pull that weed by the root. Lets get to the healing.

We all know the cause. We are overusing and abusing our natural resources and injecting what is unnatural where there should be wholeness and balance.

Mother nature will throw off and reject what doesn’t please her. She is very logical, does as she pleases, and is temperamental when things aren’t right.

Causality, cause and effect. We are taught to look the other way, keep silent says the voice of who knows better than you. Yet you know something isn’t right, you know this ride can’t go on forever, we have to begin to give back.

Do this one thing, remove all or most of the animal flesh and secretions from your plate.

Speaking of the animals. They are in the cages, corrals, sheds and tubs of our making with no escape from the winter cold. I watched a news report of a rancher who could do nothing to help her cattle. Yet the solution was simple to observe. Are they not worth a tarp to place over their shed?

Rather than be angry or judgmental, I must show compassion for the rancher as well as the cow. Perhaps there is no money for a tarp. I must be part of the solution, compassion is what I want to feel. I must help.

Expression of a negative outcome, is that, a negative outcome.
Balancing the definition of the cause with a solution, helps some.
Taking action is the best, the only healer we have, that will help everyone.

So, before you sit down to your next meal or grab a bite to go, please think of them.

Because them are us. You see.

Tara Gardner 1/2014


What’s all the pressure about? Vegans stay the path

I have recently heard that many vegans are leaving the path, the reasons being that the pressure is too great or they don’t feel well enough, or their doctor advised such or some other reason. To me this has the feel of when I would say I have a tummy ache and didn’t want to go to school. Something else was going on.

I am a bit of a geek and the cultural memes or guiding forces that form our thoughts and choices have been an area of personal study for some time. Plus, I feel that this is less about food availability and health as a result of being a vegan as there are so many delicious vegan food recipes and health information is readily available on the internet.

I sensed that something else is at work with this exodus and decided that the time is right to share my discoveries. Where did I do this research? Within me. By examining my own mind. What better place? My mind, our minds are where the world lands. We are the product of the world as we know it and we are also the creators. So, what did I find in my mind? :-)

Societal pressure

Societal pressure isn’t limited to those that change their food choices or awaken to the suffering of others. Any person who steps out of the main stream and finds their way to the source with the intention to create change will require ample amounts of awareness and courage. If you have left the main stream you are an activist, a revolutionary. Be you a social activist, animal activist, gender activist, food activist, or political activist; the ground rules and tactics are all the same. It’s all about conforming. And it gets dirty sometimes when you refuse. No wonder people decide to go back.

How does it get there and what is being said?

How does this pressure to conform manifest? Friends, family, work, the media. Restaurants, grocery stores, neighbors. Where the action is actually happening though is in the subtle realms. The social media of the mind. OMG, the lobbying, the deals, negotiations, the gossip, threats. What is the essence of it all? “Really, it will just be easier if you go along with the rest of us.” “There’s money in this.” In so many words and in so many ways it tries to wear you down with its carrot and stick approach.

You might say, well if you really wanted to be a vegan all would be in alignment with you. You feel this because you are struggling, you know you should probably eat a little meat or go back to cheese. I absolutely guarantee you that this ethical vegan has no such intention or desire, I’m over it. Entirely. And I still feel the pressure.

How does it get there? Suffice to say, we are an evolving species; indigo, rainbow, and crystal children and adults, sensitive and spiritual vegans. And the unaware. Call it seepage, influence, programming, ambient noise, thought forms, projection, or memory.

However you see it; whether it be outside of you, inside of you, as a feeling, a knowing, a word, or a sound. Know that this is cognizance; and especially if it is harmful or controlling, once it gets there, our job is to recognize it for what it is and file it or throw it away with a generous helping of love and healing.

The realm of the mind is really the last frontier and apparently it is a huge taboo to discuss what you know outside of having been told by someone other than yourself. I don’t get it though, this is the most important kind of influence that we as socially conscious and awakening beings should be addressing. Now, rather than in some mythical future. This silent and dominating force is enslaving, incarcerating, and controlling more than any of us would like to admit. It is time to choose.

How to minimize the noise

Firstly we must be prepared to give up being the problem. Yes, you! (and me). We cannot be authentic about change and be active or passive participants of the warring paradigm of domination, control, intimidation, enslavement, enforcement, and confinement. Even if it is within that supposed free zone of the mind. I am calling on you to walk your talk and walk your thought! The mind is not a free zone. The mind is the place of creation. This you must understand; what you imagine, manifests. Mostly for you and possibly to some extent for them. So let’s make it good.

The ways of influence and oppression

You will know when this influence is working its ways on you if you watch your mind. Watch your mind carefully, pay attention to your thoughts and pay attention to your emotions. Sit down and write what you are about, what you believe in, who you aspire to be. If you find yourself varying from this, pay attention. If your thoughts don’t ring true to you and feel controlling it is more than likely the paradigm, someone’s fear, or your ego.

As I speak of ego, I define it as that small part of our self that tries to protect (?) us by keeping us in the same place. Sort of like a best friend with no self esteem and huge amounts of separation anxiety. The ego’s internal dialogue is something like Dobby the house elf from The Chamber of Secrets.

Dobby: Harry Potter must not go back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year.
Harry: Not go back? But… I have to.
Dobby: This is a plot. A plot to make most terrible things happen. If Harry Potter goes back to school he will be in great danger.

Ok, so in some ways this might have been true. What’s life without a little fun and challenge though?

Sometimes the noise in your mind or from others is unwittingly part of that larger control and domination paradigm. That paradigm that we are free of. The archaic systems of hate and control have learned some of the basics to bring you over to their side. Basics such as discredity, division, utilizing what you love and hate to divide, confuse, and create mistrust and fear.

Job requires courage

Being a vegan is a huge leap in consciousness and this benevolent revolution requires courage and love. And we must remember that this archaic system of hatred and control is truly made up of human individuals; they have simply known little else. They don’t deserve our hate, they deserve our compassion. And if you ask me, they deserve our education.

Writing, seeing, thinking, feeling, creating, entangling the change we wish to be will create, attract, and define real and sustainable benevolent change.

Besides right thinking and speaking here are some things to help keep your feet on the path:

We want you to stay in the vegan community and we understand why you left. With love, I offer you these possibilities.

Meditate: you don’t have to be religious and you don’t even have to sit to meditate. You may walk meditation, sing meditation, sky gaze meditation, surf meditation, meditate while writing, or meditate while cooking. As long as there is soft focus, you’ve unplugged your network cable to the world of thought, and you feel your heart center I feel that these are healing meditations.

Alternately, sit meditation and watch your thoughts (whose thoughts?) pass by as though flowers in a stream. Giving each thought a heart center hug, a wish for a great day or perfect healing as they move past your mind’s vision. This practice more than any other has helped me to discover and create a more peaceful mind. To understand that I am the driver, rather than being driven. I highly recommend it.

Send love and healing: This wins for best results and some days the most challenging. When yukky thoughts or feelings creep in send love, see them as perfectly healed. Try it, it works so well that you and the thoughts forget what you were upset about to begin with. Admittedly, in the heated moment, this one takes practice.  Even if you don’t really feel very loving, forgiving, or anything positive at all, do it anyway. Do it until you become it.

Another really great technique is to say I love you, please forgive me, over and over until love returns. Forgiveness works.

You now have some tools

✓ Choose your thoughts and words as they are powerful

✓ Use your thoughts and words to create beauty and peace

✓ Toss out all that is no longer in alignment with this higher purpose of yours

✓ Remember that you can still have fun, this does not relegate you to a burka or a horse hair coat (who thinks of these things?)

✓ Meditate, send love, and forgive. Especially to yourself.

Know that taking this step to being a vegan is right for this time; it is an active expression of compassion for yourself, for the animals, for your fellow earthlings, and for the planet. And it is the single most powerful revolutionary and evolutionary step you can make. We love and support your choice.

By Tara Gardner 11/11/2013

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