“As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.” Leo Tolstoy, author of War and Peacecalves
In this article, I share my thoughts on church barbecues, war crimes, flower beds, and slaughterhouses.  On June 13th, 2015, the International March to Close Down All Slaughterhouses is happening in London, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin & Kassel Germany, Istanbul, Turkey, Brussels, Belgium, Glasgow, Scotland, Delhi, India, Sydney, Australia, and Bern, Switzerland.  My colleague at World Peace Writers, Veronique Perrot, attended the June 6th Marche pour la Fermeture des Abattoirs (March To Close All Slaughterhouses) in Toulouse, France.  (Her photography and videos of this powerful event are available to view on her Facebook page, Your Veg Life’s Vegan Empowerment.)
On Friday, June 12th, I feature the International March To Close Down All Slaughterhouses on my radio show, Vegan Nation, which airs over central Massachusetts on WCUW 91.3 FM, and live-streams worldwide at, every Friday from 12:30 pm to 1 pm (eastern standard time).  Vegan Nation commenced at the beginning of this year; and the first program featured an interview with Dr. Will Tuttle on January 2, 2015.  Other Vegan Nation interviews include my WPW colleagues, Michael Lanfield and Madeleine Tuttle, as well as Daphne Stevens, and Kip Anderson, World Peace Diet Facilitator and co-producer of the documentary, Cowspiracy.  Archived Vegan Nation shows can be heard any time at 91.3 FM Index of archived shows), and
As the nice weather has (finally!) arrived in New England, I’ve been riding my bicycle throughout local towns. (This fabulous bicycle was recently given to me by my friend and World Peace Writers guest author, Daphne Stevens.  I’ve officially named it “Supreme Master Bike Daphne”.)  On my frequent journeys, I pass numerous Christian churches conducting chicken barbecues.   Although we may be devout parishioners or concerned religious leaders, when we partake of chicken barbecues, we are not putting into practice “unconditional Love”, and are,  in fact, perpetrating violence.   (For decades, I participated in chicken barbecues until I awakened  to the ethical, compassionate vegan lifestyle.)   How sad it is that these  noble individuals are still under the societal spell of carnist indoctrination, habit, tradition, and addiction.  
Amongst the church barbecues, I also pass sporting clubs and restaurants holding benefits for numerous people  who are dying (or have died) from  cancer; and what is the main feature at these benefits?  You guessed it: meat raffles, pig roasts, spaghetti & meatballs, and more chicken barbecues.  How sad that these caring, generous folks remain ignorant (unaware, uninformed) of the fact that consuming the organic and/or conventional flesh and bloody secretions of others is a major cause of cancer.  (See PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) and The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell.)Butterfly-Wallpaper-on-Sunflower
Also on my bike-riding journeys I’ve seen hundreds of gardeners tending to their lovely flowers.  As I enjoy the beauty of those flowers, I think, “Animals are here like flowers, to color our world, cheer our day, and to enjoy their days.”  How horrified the gardeners (and all of us) would be if some one were to destroy their beautiful flower beds – their treasured creation.  Yet that is exactly what carnists (pre-vegans) do when they attack and kill non-human animals, simply to satisfy their lust for bloody secretions and dead flesh.  My heart fills with sorrow as I realize that every minute, every second, billions, literally trillions, of beautiful animals are suffering, horribly, at the hands of otherwise ethical, compassionate people.  That suffering is inflicted in many ways through animal agriculture, livestock auctions (two in Massachusetts held every Tuesday), and slaughterhouses (several in my state). 
I use the term “bloody secretions” because eggs are the menstrual (ovulatory) secretions, unfertilized ova, of hens.  As most Vegans know, because male chicks will never ovulate, the newly hatched male chicks are immediately and mercilessly exterminated, including those hatched at organic, free-range, and local egg facilities.  Bloody secretions also include dairy products because dairy is breast milk, which is a derivative of blood – nature’s perfect transition food from life inside mothers’ wombs to life outside mothers’ wombs and then, naturally, all mammals are weaned.  As most Vegans know, dairy goats, sheep (origin of feta cheese), and dairy cows’ newborns are abducted and murdered so that the mothers’ lactation secretions can be bought, sold, and consumed by humans.  (Bull calves are murdered immediately or within 4 months of their birth; and heifers are murdered when they can no longer ovulate and lactate.)  To see these beautiful, innocent animals, young and old, at livestock auctions, rendering plants, and slaughterhouses is heartbreaking. Vegan Publishers
Through the writings of Will Tuttle, I’ve learned about The Boomerang Effect – that which humanity does to the animal kingdom (queendom) boomerangs back to us.  The pain, terror, trauma, and agony that patriarchal herding cultures, worldwide, cause to non-human animals returns to us, reflecting our own actions.  The real-life horror stories, past and present, about the suffering of children, women, and men, especially in war-torn communities, as well as the insanity of nuclear weaponry, is but one example of The Boomerang Effect.  This VegInspiration message by Dr. Will Tuttle clearly explains it – “Teaching abuse, creating abusers:  Compelling our children to eat animal foods gives birth to the “hurt people hurt people” syndrome. Hurt people hurt animals without compunction in daily food rituals. We will always be violent toward each other as long as we are violent toward animals—how could we not be? We carry the violence in our stomachs, in our blood, and in our consciousness.  Covering it up and ignoring it doesn’t make it disappear. The more we pretend and hide it, the more, like a shadow, it clings to us and haunts us. The human cycle of violence is the ongoing projection of this shadow.”
The good news is that we can change the massive amount of suffering and insanity into a sane, benevolent global culture. Veganism is the first, necessary step; and closing down all slaughterhouses is a good start.   I’d like to say thanks to all the Vegan peeps who are walking the talk of creating a healthy, better, peaceful, and sustainable world.  You bring power, joy, and hope. Ride on!  March on!  Dance on!  Walk on! 
Marlene Ahimsa Nareau 
June 10, 2015

Compassion in Action

GSGDog FoodKxKFsignedThis article is the postlude to my third one,  Mapenzi is Vegan – Vegan is Love,  where I share my thoughts on compassion in animals, science, and music; relayed in three parts, respectively.

In this article, I share information about organizations and individuals who embody compassion.

Part Four:  VegFund  

  Kim Dreher (vegan)

VegFund is an organization that empowers vegan activists worldwide by funding and supporting outreach activities that inspire people to choose and maintain a vegan  lifestyle.  VegFund is a great organization; they are generous, helpful, progressive and prompt. (In October, 2013, I gave a vegan presentation to students at Becker College during their class, Introduction to Psychology.  VegFund provided the funds for the Tofutti and So Delicious vegan ice cream sandwiches that I served to the students.)

I often think about Ghandi’s quote, “Become the change you wish to see in the world.”  Recently, I asked Kim Dreher of VegFund a couple of questions on this topic.  Reprinted here, with her permission, are her answers.

What are the most significant changes that you’ve noticed, in 2013, in  relation to non-vegans openly receiving the vegan message, and “becoming the change”? For the past 3 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working for VegFund, a  non-profit grant giving organization. Our mission is to empower  activists worldwide by supporting outreach activities that inspire  people to choose and maintain a vegan lifestyle. As VegFund’s program  director, I have the unique opportunity to review hundreds of vegan  outreach events and projects, and without a doubt, 2013 was a fantastic  year! Non-vegan individuals, both in the United States and abroad, seem  to be increasingly receptive to veganism. More individuals than ever  before are pledging to try veganism and are signing up for vegan  mentoring programs, like the Peace Advocacy Network’s Vegan Pledge Program. Oftentimes, when VegFund grantees are giving out vegan food samples and educational literature, people will come up to the table and say that they have a child,  friend, or co-worker who is vegan, and that they want to learn more so  they can be supportive. The increasing level of curiosity and  acceptance the general public has towards veganism is moving us ever  closer to a world where all beings are treated with compassion and  respect.
Do you see any signs that the public-at-large (including academic and  religious) is willing to look deeply into the philosophy that violence  towards animals is at the root cause, as described by Dr.  Will Tuttle, of other social justice, health, and environmental  problems? I’ve been very encouraged by both the number of vegan events that are  focused on the commonalities of oppression, and by the public’s positive response to these events. Recently, for example, Guelph Pig Save in Canada hosted the “Human Rights are Animal Rights” conference, which  enabled vegans and non-vegans to learn new ways to expand their compassion and activism. The conference was well-attended, and one of the  recorded presentations was later broadcast on a local radio  station! Earlier this year, Dr. Harper hosted a web conference that helped attendees understand how veganism is connected to social justice, racial justice, and animal  liberation. These are just a couple examples of the many great events  that are raising public consciousness. From new groups like Equality in Action in the UK, to individual vegan activists who bring the message of  compassion to their places of worship, more and more people are starting to draw the connection between veganism and a non-violent world.  
To see pictures of the creative ways VegFund grantees are promoting  veganism, and to learn more about VegFund’s programs, visit:

Thank you, Ms. Dreher, I appreciate your service, and the time you gave to answer these questions.  VegFund is an efficient and effective organization that is leading the way in actualizing peace on earth.  Gracias, VegFund, merci!


Part Five:  Compassion in Action: Movies

These seven fantastic films will enlighten your soul, warm your heart, and restore sustainability.

Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home

In addition to watching this film, it’s interesting to view, on their website, the national/international list of free screenings.   The most notable, in 2013, was a showing at Christ the King High School in Queens, New York to over 1,000 attendees and hosted by Fr. Frank Mann.   (My World Peace Diet Facilitator colleague, Nina Vecchi and I also  hosted this film, at the public library; and thanks to VegFund, we  served Nina’s delicious, homemade vegan corn muffins and chocolate chip cookies.)


 This is it..for the new millennium, let’s revamp the required curricula of schools to include Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Earthlings. This movie was funded by Australian philanthropist and former VP of Citibank, Phillip Wollen.   (Their new film, Unity, has just been released.)  Here is a 5 min. video, “Who is Philip Wollen?”


A Delicate Balance – The Truth

Another very important documentary for anyone concerned about their health and the environment.

“You never know what you’ve got…til it’s gone.”

Bold Native

A fun film; it’s a movie, not a documentary, and makes a great date night movie. Be sure to check out the Bonus Features interview with former NBA star, John Salley.  

John Salley (vegan)

Speciesism –  The Movie 

This 2013 production just opened in Texas. I’m looking forward to seeing this film about the U.S.  animal  agriculture industry.

The scenes and topics in these films are, still today, kept out of the holistic, alternative, and mainstream media, music, conversation, sermon, and classroom.   Please consider hosting one of these films in your community. It’s important, uplifting, and a very effective way to reduce suffering and bring compassion into our world.  Another documentary not to miss is The Ghosts in our Machine (produced by two women), and the environmental documentary, Cowspiracy (produced by the World Peace Diet Facilitator, Kip Andersen).

As Daphne Stevens, our January 2014 guest author wrote, “What we learn when we are young, we learn best.”


Part Six:  Children’s Literature

Ms. Ruby Roth rocks!  Her series of children’s books, V is for Vegan – the ABC’s of Being Kind, Vegan is Love, and That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals is revolutionizing the world.  


Part Seven:   Essenes and Compassion

                         in Christianity

 Better is a dinner of vegetables

            where love is

than a fatted ox and hatred

        with it.

                       Proverbs 15:17  (New Revised Standard Version)

The opposite of love is fear.  Hatred is fear.  God is love.  Every Christmas, manger scenes include peaceful, adoring rams and oxen alongside the baby Jesus.  There are never scenes with a ram, ox, or billygoat hanging upside down,  painfully and fearfully tied by his back leg, bleeding out from a slit throat.

Likewise, as the dove symbolizes the peace of Christ, she is always shown peacefully in flight.  Never do we see images of the bird strung up by her legs upside down, frantically flapping her wings in pain and terror prior to her slaughter.   Clearly, Christianity is a faith, I believe, initiated by the Lord Jesus Christ to remind us that the way to salvation is through practicing unconditional love to non-human animals, ourselves, and all of humanity.

This first link  is to a great one-hour lecture by Keith Akers, author of The Lost Religion of Jesus – Simple Living and Nonviolence in Early Christianity.  This second link is to a 15 minute video that also includes Akers, with subtitles in 20 languages.  This third link is to a 40 min. lecture by Gabriel Cousens, M.D., Essene and founder of the Tree of Life Foundation.

All the major religions contain references to veganism.  Here is a link to multiple articles about veganism in Christianity, Jewish – Judaism, Muslim – Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, Hara Krishna, Sikh, Jain, Zorastrian, Pythagorean, and Native American faiths.

“The Merciful One shows mercy to those who are themselves merciful (to others). So show mercy to whatever is on earth, then He who is in heaven will show mercy to you.” (Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi)  “Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.” (Matthew 5:7)

As we sow, we reap — go vegan for peace on earth.


Part Ate:

          GSGDog FoodKxKFsigned

GSGDog FoodKxKFsigned

Part Eight: Physician’s Committee for

                       Responsible Medicine



PCRM and its founder, Dr. Neal Barnard are the best!  Here is a link to a  l hr. lecture by PCRM’s Dr. Milton Mills, “Are Humans Designed to Eat Meat?”


Dr. Milton Mills (vegan)


Part Nine: The World Peace Diet


My mentor, Dr. Will Tuttle, has given and continues to give free lectures around the world.  As I write this, he and his wife, Madeleine, are on their Jan/Feb. 2014 lecture tour throughout Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. Their Summer 2013 lecture tour included Slovenia and Croatia.

holstein heiferWill and Madeleine’s mission is to help humanity understand that liberating and honoring the feminine principle (‘Sophia’) is the most pressing task in our culture’s evolution toward peace and sustainability.  In our herding culture,  feminine qualities are not respected because the work of confining and killing animals requires men to become cruel and to emphasize their separateness from and superiority to animals,  nature, and the life-giving processes of the feminine.  Beings who are subjects of their lives are forced into the role of mere objects, and both people and animals end up becoming things. Our ability to heal, transform, and evolve beyond this old defiling mentality is tied to our food choices more than to anything else. 

Bovine breast milk (udder milk?) is for calves. 

                   We can wean ourselves with willpower.

                                         Now’s the time to be nourished from milk derived from grains, nuts, and seeds.

Honoring our natural place in the web of life by eating the foods intended for us will plant seeds of abundance, love, and freedom, whatever our religion may be.  In his book, The World Peace Diet, Dr. Tuttle writes,

To meditate for world peace, to pray for a better world, and to work for social justice and environmental protection while continuing to purchase the flesh, milk, and eggs of horribly abused animals exposes a disconnect that is so fundamental that it renders our efforts absurd, hypocritical, and doomed to certain failure.”


Part Ten:  V-Day and Vegan Unity

vegan quote with piglet

The Ivy league Vegan Conference was held February 7 -9 , 2014.

And today, February 14th, the young folks at One Billion Rising – Perth are powerful!  The Sexual Politics of Meat is now exposed.    Dance on,  One Billion Rising, dance on!!

“How can we expect our society to respect the rights of human women when those same women don’t respect the very basic rights of other female animals? I would go so far as to say that it’s not only a feminist issue, but it’s the biggest feminist issue there is.” (quote by Angel Flinn)


I Am an Emotional CreatureIn the World Peace Diet Facilitator training,  we learn that in cruelly exploiting dairy cows, goats, and hens we dominate them not just for their flesh that we can use or sell, we specifically exploit their uteruses and mammary glands.  By enslaving and exploiting sows, cows, ewes, hens, and heifers, we attack and injure the sacred feminine within ourselves as well as nature; we haven’t yet realized this because we’ve been taught to disconnect from their grief and suffering, and to erroneously believe that their oppression, pain, exploitation, and enslavement has no interrelationship to ours.  Coretta Scott King discussed the importance of non-violence.  Here is a tribute to Coretta Scott King. 

Coretta Scott King

Louisa May Alcott wrote,

“Vegetable diet and sweet repose.  Animal food and nightmare…Without flesh diet there could be no blood-shedding war.”

Human wars and the war on women will not end until the war on animals ends.  In her book, Peace to All Beings, author Judy Carman writes,

Reverence for all life is the missing piece to the puzzle of world peace, inner peace, and environmental healing and sustainability.  Futurists, mystics, philosophers, and scientists declare that we are evolving to a higher level of consciousness at this time in our history and awakening to our destiny as non-violent, compassionate beings.  When violence to animals ceases, then violence to humans will cease, because we will finally be living our true nature.”

 When Eve Ensler’s terrific campaign, One Billion Rising, draws the connection between veganism and a non-violent world, I imagine that their campaign will include ‘carnism’ as one of the interlocking forces that perpetuate violence against women and girls; and veganism as part of the solution to end violence against girls and women.

 We at World Peace Writers look forward to 2015, when One Billion Rising V-DAY GO VEGAN!



To all those working for noble change, I say “Asante sana, Medasi bebre, Thank you very much.”

One of the motivations for this post is that I am making preparations for an upcoming vegan presentation to 25 university students. (As I mentioned in Part Four,  I gave a presentation to students in their Introduction to Psychology class.  The professor, Ms. Laurie Drazek has invited me to give another vegan talk this semester to students in her Human Growth and Development class.  Thanks again to VegFund, these students will get an opportunity to sample  vegan desserts – ice cream sandwiches, as well as Loving Hut’s chocolate cupcakes.)  In this upcoming presentation, I plan to include several of the above listed resources.  In addition to sharing Kim Dreher’s compassionate, motivating message and links, I’m honored and grateful to be able to share all this information with our WPW readers.

Thank you for caring enough to hear and be heard.  Peace. 

Marlene Ahimsa Nareau   January 31, 2014,  Updated 2-14-14
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Mapenzi is Vegan – Vegan is Love

Mapenzi is a Swahili word that means love. Love is compassion. In this article, I share my thoughts on compassionate animals, compassion in quantum physics, and compassion in music.

Little Tyke and Becky the lamb peacefully co-exist

Little Tyke with her favorite friend,
Becky the lamb


Last month, after one of Dr. Will Tuttle’s lectures, I asked him about the prophecy of the coming ‘Golden Age, where the lion lies down with the lamb.’ He replied that what he does know is that every culture has a story about a period of time in pre-history in which there was a ‘Golden Era’, where man and beast, and beast and beast, peacefully (non-violently) co-existed. He asked if I had heard about Little Tyke, a compassionate African lioness who refused to eat flesh. It’s astonishing to me that in over five decades, I had never heard about her (yet I, as well as the rest of America, know all too well about Tony the Tiger.) Little Tyke appeared on Art Baker’s television show, You Asked for It, in the mid 1950’s. Here is a link to a 3 min. video with Dr. Knight discussing Little Tyke. I just finished reading the lovely book, Little Tyke, The Amazing True Story of the World-Famous Vegetarian African Lioness, written by her guardian, Georges H. Westbeau. Here is a link to the synopsis of Little Tyke’s story, written by Kim Sheridan. Little Tyke with kitten.

Little Tyke with kitten Tyke with Becky full body in yardShe found even one drop of blood repugnant

                                       Little Tyke forever refused to eat flesh.

“When we open our eyes and our hearts to the amazing beings with whom we share our planet, we discover how compassion and empathy smoothly cross species borders.” This quote is by Mark Bekoff (author of The Emotional Lives of Animals, Wild Justice, and The Animal Manifesto) in his praise for Jennifer H. Holland’s book, Unlikely Friendships – 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom. Here is a lecture on compassion in animals, by ethologist, Dr. Jonathan Balcombe, that is very interesting. When I perform my chores, and rest, amongst the peaceful bovines, horses, dogs, cats, pig and roosters, (who are also harmonious amongst each other), I realize how fortunate it is that we (inter-species) trust each other not to attack. I’m aware that these animals could destroy me with their sharp teeth and beaks, dangerous claws, strong bodies, and powerful hooves and horns, but they don’t because they possess mapenzi.

Mapenzi – that’s what veganism is all about – love for all, and honoring the sacred trust not to attack. Compassion is a desire to help all human and non-human animals live lives filled with peace, trust, joy, and harmony.


A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”  Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

This principle, (which I introduced in my previous two articles, ‘Celebrate our return to indigenous veganism’ and ‘Eve was framed: a loving tribute to women and girls’) was also shared by the Catholic priest, Thomas Berry. Thomas Esakin has written about Berry’s and Einstein’s similarities on his blog. Also in the 21st century, Dr. Robert Lanza describes this theory of “intertwined consciousness” in his book, Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe. He uses an example that, in time, the hunter becomes the hunted.

As we sow we reap.  As humanity sows, societies reap. The science of elemental vibrations verifies that “all things are one” (as speculated by Heraclitus in 500 BC.)   As we humans destroy, consume, and are violent toward sentient ones (whose interests are as important to them as ours are to us),  we, also, are then consumed and destroyed, not by a stronger, superior species, but by the reactions of our own making – addictions, wars, violence, and disease. (Disease can be seen as reflective violence that implodes, compared to violence that explodes.)

Knowledge of the consequences of carnism puts the Golden Rule in a new light. Dr. Will Tuttle lectures about vibrational interconnectivity  — that which we inflict upon animals reflects back at us;  for example, depression and anxiety disorders, pharmaceutical drug dependency, exploitation of others, mass imprisonment, deceit, and obesity.  In his poem (see Guest Authors at World Peace Writers), Tuttle explains it “as the heart of their own heart, And they are judged only by themselves, And are punished only by their own actions in the endless rounds of being, of learning and growing, of eventually understanding.” Alice Walker also writes, “We are one lesson” in her short story, “Am I Blue?”.

When we investigate the age of each animal who enters a slaughterhouse, we learn that consumers buy and eat the dead bodies of mostly young mothers and their young ones — offspring comparable in age to infants, toddlers, and at the oldest, adolescents.  Suffering begets suffering: violence begets violence.  Poverty is violence.  Human justice activists expose the fact that those who suffer most from human trafficking, poverty, and labor violations are women and children. I believe that the vibrations of our actions transformationally boomerang continually, but not continuously, in order to give us an opportunity to practice free will.  If the reflective experience of our decisions were as clear cut as, for example, that of someone who avoids peanuts because she has a peanut allergy, we would never get the chance to grow spiritually, and awaken to the higher constitution of compassion.

As we’ve reduced the females of other species to objects, insensitively treating them as mere breeders and then disregarding their pain and suffering (and their need and feelings for family and relationships), we, through the law of reciprocity, have created a human culture of intolerance, dysfunction, and female sexual oppression, exploitation,  pornography, and violence.  This connection is clearly made in Jim Mason’s superb book,  An Unnatural Order. As we instill fear in animals, stealing their children, abducting the newborns in order to steal mothers’ milk, and then stealing the lives of those mothers who no longer ovulate or lactate, we’ve created a society filled with fear.  We lock up everything, everywhere, create weapons, and carry guns for fear of someone stealing our precious ones and our lives.

Sow love not fear.

As we bless others, we are blessed.  As the number of vegan individuals in societies increase, we will gradually and consistently experience a shift in human consciousness and a decrease in disease, violence, poverty, and injustice.

When I observe the populace enjoying themselves at the expense and suffering of others, with either ignorance (uninformed/unaware) or indifference and disregard, I realize that the horrendous suffering is concealed, and unfortunately, few women take notice or care. However, like apartheid and slavery, this societal behavior, caused by culturally induced lack of education, denial, misinformation, indoctrination, or indulgence, won’t last forever. Let’s create a better world by going vegan. Take meat off the menu. Stop purchasing local, organic, free-range, grass-fed beef, breast milk (udder milk?), pork, mutton, goat, and fowl.  If we never (again) want to experience deceit, betrayal, and bullying, then we need to stop participating, directly or indirectly with our purchasing dollars, in practices that deceive, betray, and bully others.  As long as there is slaughtering, there will be bullying. If we no longer want to be ‘surprised’ by unexpected violence (such as that which is daily witnessed via worldwide news) then we need to stop supporting violent acts (such as the slaughter of “humanely-raised” and “loved” farmed animals, who, upon finding themselves in a slaughter line are ‘surprised’ and terrified) because… the terror, fear, pain, and suffering that we inflict, inevitably, spiritually, returns to us, reflecting our own actions.

As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.” Leo Tolstoy, author of War and Peace

  (Album cover of The Smiths, Meat is Murder)

Most women (and schools) who serve the mammary and ovulatory (menstrual) secretions and/or the dismembered dead body of a sentient, tortured, and terrified female to their families and communities avoid viewing educational slaughterhouse videos.  (This link is to the French version.  Other Spanish, German, and Italian educational videos that include additional footage of slaughterhouses, as well as some of the agricultural practices legally used in the bovine milk, pig, and egg industries, are included in Part 3: Compassion in Music.)

When societies participate in systems of oppression, those societies will both conceal and use language (“cows give milk”) to mask the absent referent.  To use truthful language is radical, important, and powerful. Although our schools (and media) exclude exposure and truth-telling in animal experiments and agriculture, we can’t keep the truth from the youth. Today’s youth are producing their own music videos to educate their peers as is evident in the Hip Hop Vegan Movement.

Dr. Aimee Breeze Harper, founder of the Sistah Vegan Project, helps parents on how to tell their young children the truth about speciesism and other systems of oppression. To lighten things up, a bit, in this serious topic about the effects of our diet, here is a video that adults can enjoy.  It is an entertaining (4 min.) medical video, “Raise the Flag”. Through evolution, we now know that we don’t need to eat animals.  Therefore, instead of continuing to rape (forced impregnation) and slaughter, including the females, mothers, and the early slaughter of those mothers’ male infants in the egg and dairy industries, we can choose to be non-violent and eat plants.

We are our thoughts and actions.  Each and every one of us makes our world. Question everything this culture says, throw off the chains of harming and stealing from fish, birds, and other mammals, and join the vegan celebration! We will love this world and each other so deeply that we will all be transformed.”  Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet Liqin Cao (vegan) & Freddaflower of United Poultry Concerns

Although (on the surface) it may appear that not everyone suffers from the vibrational reprisal of our cultural violence towards animals, the sympathy and consequences affect us all.  Similarly, when natural disasters strike, not everyone is struck. Some luckily escape unharmed;  while others in the same vicinity are, unfortunately, hurt or destroyed by the tornado, tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, drought, wildfire, or flood.  Just as we know that the violent weather was the cause of the destruction and devastation, we also know that our institutionalized violence towards animals (although hidden from public knowledge and view in the food, clothing, and research industries)  is the cause of much sorrow to humanity. Let’s open our hearts and stop the violence.


These links are to songs that are all about compassion.  Enjoy the music, open heart, and higher consciousness of these talented musicians!

Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver
a kid-friendly, upbeat music video by OhWhyOhWhyOrg
Little Tyke  A beautiful video that chronicles the story of Little Tyke, including lovely photos of her with her animal friends and their guardian, Margaret Westbeau.
The Truth about Dairy Cows
MC Albino   German video  (English translation in “Comments” section below)
One Species  Spanish version
The Smiths, Italian version  (This one contains additional slaughterhouse footage that is different from the French and four other educational music videos that are linked above in Part 2.)
No Bones No Blood by Jah Sun  (Happy dance song
Your Sacred Heart  (Gospel)

Additional educational music videos are included in Part Ten: V-Day and Vegan Unity
This article, Mapenzi is Vegan – Vegan is Love, has a postlude, Compassion in Action, comprised of an additional 7 parts, for a total of 10 parts, posted Valentine’s Day, 2014. Marlene Ahimsa Nareau  12/13 updated January 10, 2014


Celebrate our return to indigenous veganism

This article is a postlude to my first one, titled; Eve Was Framed: A Loving Tribute to Women and Girls.

In this article, I share the knowledge that I’ve gained from Aimee Breeze Harper (whom I previously introduced) and the Sistah Vegan Project.  To appreciate the full breadth of wisdom shared by the many speakers at Harper’s Sistah Vegan Conference, held on September 14, 2013, I encourage readers to register for the conference digital replay.

Mary’s Poem
During this on-line conference, attendees had an opportunity to share their thoughts on Harper’s book, Sistah Vegan – Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health, and Society.  Here, I would like to share one of the beautifully written, powerful poems that’s included within this anthology.  It is reprinted here with permission from the poem’s author, Mary Spears, and publisher, Lantern Books.
Eyes of the Dead
I saw a dead body today
I was coming from work
As I came face to face
With the carcass of an adult pig
Someone had him slung over his shoulder
And was carrying him into a restaurant
The pig’s eyes were wide open
As if he were shocked to death
I was stuck in my tracks
For what seemed like hours in my mind
But minutes in reality
Those eyes…
Those eyes must have looked at his killer
Begging for his life
Those eyes
Must have said to someone
“I have the right to exist”
So why was he dead?
I passed by
Clutching my heart
My eyes grazed the dead roasted fowl
Hanging by their necks in the window
As I neared the end of the block
There were tears in my eyes
I couldn’t understand
How could people be so heartless?
How many have to die?
For someone else’s pleasure?
How long will it take for everyone to notice
That slavery of animals
Should not be accepted?
How many of my ancestors
Were treated like today’s farm animals?
How many of us look the other way?
When I hear of calves
Being taken from their mothers
To be sold as veal
I can hear the wailing voices of mothers
Crying for their babies
As the slave master takes them away
The mother cow breastfeeds the human race
My ancestors breastfed the white race
So when I looked into those stunned eyes today,
No one could have said to me,
“What’s the big deal?” “It’s just an animal.”
I could have remembered a time
When someone might have said the same about me

By Mary Spears
Washington, D.C.
Sistah Vegan, A Breeze Harper, editor,  2010 Lantern Books

Like Mary’s poem, Dr. Harper’s lectures have enlightened me about truths that have been concealed. One of her informative lectures is on the horrifying, clandestine gynecological experiments performed by American physicians on African slaves in the antebellum South, and how this exploitation, oppression, violence, and injustice connects to past and present-day vivisection.

All beings tremble before violence. All love life. All fear death. See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt?
quote by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

Cultural Revolution

Cultural paradigms based on dominance rely on obscuring atrocities. I saw this connection when I read Mark Mathabane’s superb books, Miriam’s Song (the true account by his sister, Miriam) and African Women (a true story about his mother, Magdaline, grandmother, Ellen, and sister, Florah, and their experiences of living under apartheid in South Africa.)

The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.
by Alice Walker

Daily, I recognize that in our current American system, the unimaginable torture and suffering of sentient beings in animal agriculture and slaughterhouses are hidden. The terrifying sights, sounds, and scenes are kept out of the mainstream media, conversation, sermon, and classroom.

Only by revealing these truths can we transcend the obsolete old cultural paradigm that generates cycles of violence, apathy, and indifference.  With this revelation, we are free to co-create a new paradigm; one based on freedom, respect, and love for all.  It’s a welcoming into the Golden Age, as described by Isaiah 11: 6-9

The wolf will live with the lamb,
the leopard will lie down with the goat,
the calf and the lion and the yearling[a] together;
and a little child will lead them.
7 The cow will feed with the bear,
their young will lie down together,
and the lion will eat straw like the ox.
8 The infant will play near the cobra’s den,
and the young child will put its hand into the viper’s nest.
9 They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain,
for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.


Children of this younger generation will indeed lead the way.  From Breeze Harper, I learned about letef Vita,   a vegan hip-hop artist and teacher, who describes hip-hop as “higher inner peace – helping other people.”  Vita (aka DJ CaveM) produced the music video “Brown Rice & Broccoli” which features the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver.
The kids dance and sing (the lyrics were written by students in his class) within the organic garden that Vita made out of a deserted lot in east Denver.  He did so by receiving a grant from The Pollination Project.   $1,000 seed grants are given every day of the year with an emphasis on projects that expand compassion in the world.

One Love

As the waters cover the sea, to me, represents our oneness, the inseparable Consciousness (Love) within which we dwell. Since we’re essentially interconnected, everything we do, think, and say reflects back to us. With this in mind, we, collectively and individually, desire to practice ahimsa (non-violence), so only ahimsa will be reflected back; thus what was once venomous and carnivorous will no longer be so.wolfDucks2

Being filled with the knowledge of the Lord (Love) inspires us to forgive, give love, and go vegan. I believe that these collective acts of love will lead humanity to an oasis of serenity, a return to the Garden, where Eve once ate of the vegan tree of knowledge for peace on earth.

Children of this younger generation will indeed lead the way. ………………..

Here is a link to the “Brown Rice & Broccoli” music video.

We have a lot to celebrate as we cultivate our Intuition, and as our individual experiences of transformation and spiritual evolution interweave.  This web of loving kindness will lead us back to indigenous veganism, and to an abundant, peaceful, healthy, and joyful existence on Earth.

by Marlene Ahimsa Nareau.


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Eve Was Framed: A loving tribute to women and girls

Miriam of Magdala Artwork by Therese Nielson

Miriam of Magdala
Artwork by Therese Nielson

In this article, I share my thoughts about history, women, spirituality, and veganism.  It was enlightening when I learned that in our pre-history, pre-patriarchy, our ancestors, who originated in Africa, were organized in communities that were peaceful, plant-based, egalitarian, cooperative, and co-existed in non-violent ways with nature and animals. Fruit and nut trees, plants and berries, as well as cultivated vegetables and grains were abundant and available to all.

My guess is that the Fall from this paradise was caused when a man betrayed the sacred trust and ahimsa (non-violence) by killing an animal and eating his flesh, rather than by a woman eating fruit from a fruit tree.  Eve was framed.

Man’s violation of ahimsa created a paradigm shift from a world of trust and harmonious relationships with all into a warring, predatory culture.  The unfortunate outcome of this shift includes the predacity of children and women, systematic exploitation of people and nature, and the present-day threat of nuclear war.

We can initiate a new paradigm by relinquishing the global practice of killing animals and abjuring cultural habits and traditions of eating their dead flesh.  With so many people becoming conscientious and compassionate, a tipping point will be created.  Veganism is essential to restore universal freedom and peace.

In the United States, every day, 75 million animals are herded and killed.  It’s all unnecessary, and it’s all hidden.  Spiritually, we’ve been taught: “Thou shall not kill” and “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is a Golden Fact – what we do to ‘others’  will be done to us — all of us, sooner or later. In one way or another, our actions are reflected back like a mirror, and returned to us like a boomerang.  Animals qualify as ‘others’ because they possess sentience and consciousness.  They desire to be free, protect their young, and enjoy life.  They, like us, seek community and instinctively avoid injury and death.  When we enslave and harm animals for research or to eat them, we harm ourselves. The sooner we stop this violence, the better, for us and future generations.

The string theory of quantum physics and its recent discovery of the “God particle” scientifically explains the spiritual teachings of “as we sow, we reap.” Consciousness is present within all creation, and we’re all interconnected.  Will Tuttle states,

The light of the infinite spiritual source of all life shines in all creatures.  When we see and recognize this light in others, we free both them and ourselves.

We are one, intertwined Consciousness; and animals are here like flowers –  to color our world, cheer our day and… enjoy theirs.

Children are Natural Herbivores

When a bunny is placed onto the lap of a small child, the child’s instinct is not to kill, tear open and eat his flesh; we are not naturally carnivores.  It has been indoctrinated into us, generation after generation.  Children enjoy orchards, gardens and berry patches; but are horrified in slaughterhouses with their merciless killing, terrifying sights and screams, pleading cries and bloody stench.

We attempt to shield children from this truth of where their food comes from, and we try to deny it ourselves by hiding the abomination behind closed doors. However, we are still responsible and can’t escape the consequential, retaliatory terror, fear, pain and suffering that returns in the forms of violence, disease, addiction and war, personally and empathetically experienced in this lifetime or the next.

With the heart and eyes of a child, we see the wonder and splendor of Life – the God in all.  With this in mind, let’s return to our roots and stop killing others; let’s eat apples, plants, and berries…

Let’s stop farming animals. Farmed animals differ only in the fact that they’re confined before they are attacked and killed.  Let’s stop exploiting and enslaving female animals to confiscate their mammary and menstrual (ovulatory) secretions. Let’s stop stealing their newborn calves and kids, so their breast milk can be sold.  Let’s stop breeding females just to abduct, torture, and kill their children.

Let’s stop purchasing their flesh and secretions.

When all this began

In The World Peace Diet, Dr. Will Tuttle explains that 10,000 years ago, in what is now northern Iraq, men started herding animals –  first with sheep, then throughout the centuries, extending the terror to include goats and then cattle. (The flesh of pigs was the preference in ancient Egypt.)  When the herding culture initiated this domination and enslavement of animals, the once egalitarian relationship between the races and sexes followed suit.  Soon after, women and other tribes were also objectified; reduced from autonomous subjects who were free, to objects to be used. A mentality of superiority, elitism, privilege, and domination is the trademark of the herding culture.

Although billions of people from all faiths, and peace and social justice activists from all countries, for centuries, have been praying and working for peace, liberty, and justice, these still elude us because of the cultural indoctrination to hide, dismiss and ignore our horrifying and relentless violence towards animals, and to believe that this violence carries no consequences.  This is the missing peace (missing piece) in our quest for harmony and non-violence. When we extend our circle of compassion to include all sentient beings, we lead the way to personal, societal and global recovery.

Mary Magdalene, Essene

Another ‘official’ story that, in my opinion, has been co-opted (like Eve’s saga) involves a tale I was told about a prostitute. Two thousand years ago, a woman in an Essene encampment in Ethiopia gave birth to a girl, Mariam of Magdala, commonly known as Mary Magdalene, who would become a prophet and the partner of Jesus Christ.  The Essenes held a vegan tradition in accordance with their devout practice of unconditional Love, compassion and non-violence.  If this truth had been revealed, I think that our world would have been and would be much different…much better.

Had the Gospel of Mary Magdalene received the same attention and notoriety as the gospels written by men, I believe, that during the following centuries, females would have experienced less subjugation and much more respect. Mary’s message of compassion for all Life might have been influential, and girls and “women’s lot” might not have continued to endure so much suffering.

We might have seen the reflection that what we do to female animals is then also done to women and girls — the assumption that women are property, commodities to be bought and sold by men; the notion that its normal to exploit females for their sexual anatomy and physiology; or the idea that breaking up and separating families is inconsequential.  As we’ve taken away animals’ freedom, our freedom and time and ability to explore, enjoy and create has also been taken away, especially for millions of women bound or enslaved to tiring, unhealthy, menial jobs, imprisonment, and addictions.

Mary Magdalene honored the Creator as both Mother and Father, bringing balance and renewed reverence for the Sacred Feminine and Intuition.  Her message is meaningful and is heard by many today. Periodically, prophets arrive to remind us “Thou shall not kill.”

Brilliant Light

Five years ago, a vegan African-American woman, Ms. Alfee Westgroves, originally from Mississippi, influenced me the most to make the significant leap from vegetarianism to veganism. She has been vegan since 2002 and her two children have been vegan since conception.  Alfee embodies the philosophy of veganism with brilliant Light, Beauty, and Knowledge.

Breeze and her daughter, Eva Luna

Breeze and her daughter,
Eva Luna

Compassionate, wise, powerful Black women will change the world.  On September 14th, 2013, Breeze Harper, author of Sistah Vegan, and founder of the Sistah Vegan Project held a webinar titled, “Sistah Vegan Conference: Embodied and Critical Perspectives on Veganism by Black Women and Allies.”

In this very important and phenomenal 8-hour conference, practical information, insightful knowledge, and ageless wisdom is shared by the nine presenters, and by the several guests who participated in the open discussion: Why I Relinquished the Gospel Bird and Became a Vegan: Girls and Women of African Descent Share Their Reasons for Choosing Veganism. Dr. Harper concluded the conference with the message that our awareness of intersectionality is necessary; and in the words of Candace M. Laughinghouse; we can live, and influence others to live “a courageous, healing lifestyle that is conscious of all creation.”

I highly recommend supporting Dr. Aimee Breeze Harper’s Sistah Vegan Project. Her pioneering work reminds me of the success of Dr. Wangari Maathai of Kenya and her Green Belt Movement.  Because of her tireless, committed efforts, Wangari’s Green Belt Movement actively spread to other countries around the globe. The Sistah Vegan Project will have this same sustainability-building, life-saving impact  Here is a link to the Wangari Maathai Tribute Film (CIFORVideo, 7 minutes)

It’s taken over 400 years in the United States for African-Americans and all women to gain rights and respect. The spirit of Life always moves towards healing, whether it’s in community, or in the physical body (for example, a laceration in the skin will naturally heal.)  Through evolution, now speciesism, like racism and sexism, is finding its path to healing.

In the World Peace Diet Facilitator training, we explore the unrecognized connections between our culturally mandated meals and our broad range of psychological, social, spiritual, health and environmental problems.  Although veganism is not a sole panacea, I believe it’s one of the most effective steps we can take in our daily lives to eradicate the misogynist, inhumane,  racist, and other forms of violence and injustice that plague our global carnist culture.

I dedicate this article to Carol, Addie Mae, Denise, and Cynthia, the four little girls killed 50 years ago on September 15th, 1963 at the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama.  Here is a link to the “Birmingham Sunday” music video (uploaded by ItsMyDream2, song written by Richard and Mimi Farina, and sung by Joan Baez)

Here is a link to the documentary, 4 Little Girls, produced by Spike Lee, 36 years ago.

Unconditional Love

Vegan Baby Eva LunaWe’re all in this together, and I believe that with unconditional Love and veganism, we can uplift humanity’s consciousness and usher in the Golden Age of Peace.

This coming era has been prophesied by many, including Isaiah; Nation shall not lift up sword against nation; neither shall they learn war anymore. The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog; and may you, your loved ones, and all who share this Earth be free from suffering in mind and body.

Here is a link to the Mary Magdalene, Miriam of Magdala print by Terese Nielson

Here are links to a 4 min. video, Sara La Kali, Black Madonna of Africa, and a 3 min. video, “I AM you”, created by Xenia Allen.


by Marlene Ahimsa Nareau


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