Vegan hand made tortillas!

Hand made fresh vegan tortillas.


By Madeleine Tuttle


Interview with Madeleine and Will Tuttle by Lily Macy of the World Peace Diet Study Group

September 28th 2014

Interview with Madeleine and Will Tuttle by Lily Macy of the World Peace Diet Study Group

By Madeleine Tuttle


Madeleine’s Plum-Zucchini Strudel

A fresh new way of cooking a vegan strudel.


By Madeleine Tuttle


Madeleine and Will’s Veganic Food Forest

A lovely stroll with Madeleine through her food forest.  Sit quiet and you can hear the bees and birds.


By Madeleine Tuttle


Madeleine teaches how to make Kefir

Today Madeleine takes some time off from working in her veganic food forest to teach us how to make (and pronounce) Kefir!  This video makes it so simple and affordable that you can drink it everyday.


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Being of service for the benefit of all beings

It took me a while this month to write this article since I’m taking care of my mother who turned 94 this January. She flew from Switzerland to California to stay with us for five weeks. She is a vegan for about 15 years and alert in her thinking.

This is one way being of service.

What I especially like to do is demonstrating how to be a successful vegan.

A woman who is reading the World Peace Diet asked me recently if I could give her a lesson how to be a vegan. I didn’t exactly know what she expected. Of course I was glad to help her out.

The lesson became a big demonstration of showing her products, pans, utensils and ideas about how to mix and prepare food with vegan organic whole foods with a few dairy and meat alternatives.

Since she is such a visual person she went home with some notes she took lots of pictures in her mind which she can transform for her new vegan living endeavor. She was so exited to learn so much in just an hour!

It showed me how important it is to tune into a person and see how I can be of help. Other people may get it best intellectually.

So many people would love to get some help. And… It’s very well possible to earn a vegan living.

Madeleine Tuttle
February 2014

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Swiss Gratima for St. Nicholas Day


By Madeleine Tuttle


Veganism Expanded

What about creating a Holiday Season with a fresh look? — To break old conditioning and follow what we have been told by our culture. To take off our baby shoes and choose how we like to bless all around us—the world and ourselves.

As vegans we have already come a long way… though there is more we can do: like start living more simply, eating organically grown whole foods. We can turn down the heater and do more physical work breaks to keep warm (jumping-rope, bouncing & stretching on an exercise ball, running-in-place, juggling, calisthenics, getting out and exerstriding…)

Maybe someone we know could use some help – cleaning, carrying, taking them out for a walk. These are all great Christmas gifts, and they keep us warm physically as well as in our heart.

What about playing with or sitting with an animal who feels lonely? Preparing a vegan meal for someone is another great gift. We can reach beyond family and friends.

Not the least, to be conscious about the products we’re buying. Who are we supporting? Are we adding to slavery or worker exploitation? Pay more if necessary. Buy less, buy fair-trade, buy high-quality, and keep it longer. It’s less expensive in long run.

I find it interesting to be aware about using the phrase, “I like” or “I want,” for example, to be warm, to have this or that, to do this or that, to go here or there, or to eat this or that, and on and on. Who is this “I” who wants all these things?

We all have a mission, which isn’t just to eat, sleep and be comfortable. What about taking a few minutes every day right after getting up in the morning and quietly tuning in to what is ours to fulfill on this day? What precious opportunities await us?

To be joyful is to share and help others to fulfill their dreams.

A light-filled season to YOU!

By Madeleine Tuttle

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Spiraling Onward to the Roots!

Madeleine Tuttle visionary artist Seeing some wild turkeys roaming around here, not far away, and marveling at their beautiful nature, their unfortunate sisters, the so-called “farm” turkeys suddenly popped up in my mind.

Did we ever question the authenticity of our holiday dinners? Did the Indians and early settlers perhaps celebrate the harvest in a different way? What about the Three Sisters: squash, corn and beans? How actually did the turkey come into play? And why do we need to add a killed bird on our festive table? Would it be possible to celebrate together, leaving out this enormous cruelty?

French culinary traditions play a big part in the presentation of our food. One essential principle: there must be a centerpiece. There are a few vegan ideas, like stuffing a pumpkin, or choosing among the many non-cruel alternatives. Maybe a Tofurkey, or a Field-roast. Or make it more a heart-felt, free-form celebration, and less an indoctrinated form-addicted affair.

Deep down it certainly feels better.

We can start today and make our own food choices: for the happiness of all beings.

Happy Holidays throughout the whole year!


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