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Rights, Wrongs, and The Golden Rule

Guest Author Craig Cline

craig-clineThis month we are honored to feature activist and animal protector Craig Cline from Salem, Oregon as our Guest Author!

Craig is  is a vegan and self-described “AAAA” – Ardent Animal Advocacy Activist.  He is a primary supporter for Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary (, a 54 acre “farm” in Scio, Oregon that cares for about 200 farmed animal “residents” at any given time.  The animals are typically saved from cruelty and abuse.

Craig feels that it is time for us humans to understand that the majority of us practice “speciesism,” which is akin to racism.  “The civil rights movement in the 1960s shined a light on racism and taught most of us that we ought not be racists.  Today, we need a grassroots social justice movement that focuses on our practice of speciesism and the reasons we must try to eradicate it;  as we continue to try to eradicate racism.”  Craig also asks that religious followers expand the application of their moral and ethical precept – known universally as the “Golden Rule” – to ALL sentient beings, both humans and non-humans alike.  Craig feels that the practice of the Golden Rule will naturally lead them to a vegan lifestyle.

I am honored to have Craig’s story become a part of the WPW collective.  Please welcome him!

Rights, Wrongs, and The Golden Rule

When we were just youngsters, our parents helped most of us learn the difference between right and wrong.

We learned that what was “right” was generally in accord with morality, justice, law, propriety, and the common good, for example.

On the other hand, our parents taught us that what was “wrong” was generally about immorality, injustice, illegality, impropriety, and the common bad (to coin a new phrase).

As we were growing up, our thought processes were maturing, and we became better able to understand what the word “wrong” meant, by dictionary definition: “That which is wrong morally or socially; an unjust, injurious, or immoral act or circumstance; an invasion or violation of another’s legal rights.”

In short, we learned as kids that we should be mindful not to do what we knew to be wrong, but instead to do what we knew to be right.

The words right and wrong lead us further, to the very subjects of rights and wrongs.

As adults, we are typically concerned with what we call “human rights.” We consider ourselves to be humanitarians because we willingly deal with the needs of mankind in general and the alleviation of human suffering in particular.

Interestingly, the word “humane” is derived from the root word human. When we act humanely, we are seen as having the good qualities of humans, such as compassion, kindness, benevolence, and mercy.

In an ideal world, each of us humans is humane — and collectively, all of humanity exhibits the qualities that flow out of the word humane.

The Golden Rule comes to mind, whereby we are taught that we should behave towards others as we would have others behave towards us.

Notice that the word “others” is commonly taken to mean other humans — other people — regardless of their color, creed, religion, national origin, and so on.

In examining that word, we note that others are likely to be of a different character or quality from ourselves. However, their difference from us does not mean that we are entitled to treat them differently from how we ourselves expect to be treated, in accordance with The Golden Rule.

Now let’s take a big step forward, as “humane humans,” and cause ourselves to “see” that the word “others” as used in the dictionary definition of the “Golden Rule” can and should include ALL members of what we call the animal kingdom, scientifically known as Animalia, and not just the human component of that kingdom.

We humans should readily discern that, in many ways, the non-human beings we call animals have desires that are fundamentally similar to those of the human beings we call people.

Animals are both similar to us and different from us; just as people are similar to each other, yet different in race, ethnicity, and other ways.

Common sense alone holds that animals would — if they only could — ask us not to make them the victims of human-imposed cruelty, abuse, pain, and suffering.

It makes logical sense that, just as The Golden Rule should apply to groups of human beings who have both similarities and differences, it should also apply to non-human beings.

We humans would not ourselves willingly suffer any man-made or woman-made abuses, and we therefore ought not impose them upon non-humans. If we do, whether we abuse animals directly or indirectly, we are violating the very spirit of The Golden Rule.

Having made this quantum leap in recognition and understanding, we can see that just as humans have what we call human rights, animals have what we call animal rights. It’s also important to see that these two sets of rights are compatible and essentially one and the same.

For far too long in our history, there has been a disconnect between human rights and animal rights, and that disconnect has caused discord between people who are “for” human rights (but not necessarily for animal rights) and people who are “for” animal rights (and typically for human rights as well).

At its essence, there should be no conflict between these sets of rights. In fact, there should be amicable cooperation between human rights adherents and animal rights adherents.

Why? Because both groups want to do the right thing — they want to eliminate wrongs.

So we can readily discern that the issues associated with both sets of rights are indeed not mutually exclusive, but rather, are mutually inclusive.

It is not “us versus them,” i.e. human rights versus animal rights. These rights should be accorded to all of the animals in the animal kingdom. Just because humans are intellectually superior to many animals in many respects does not give us license to inflict needless pain, suffering, and death — by the billions in numbers — upon them.

We also learned as children that “might does not make right.” We should realize, most obviously in the lives of animals that are sentient like we are, that humans do not have the right to treat them in any way other than that by which we ourselves intend to be treated. That way is set forth by The Golden Rule, a rule of life that seems to have virtually universal acceptance by people around the entire world.

For Christians, this rule springs from Matthew 7:12 in the Bible. Variations of the rule appear in other religions as well; hence, the suggestion that some form of The Golden Rule is widely known to people almost everywhere on earth. For example, the philosopher and physician, Maimonides Moses, is quoted as saying, “Do not do to others what is hateful to you.” If you think about it, this phrase adds even an extra dimension to The Golden Rule.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, then, if these morally appropriate and almost universally accepted words were applied for benefit of earth’s non-human animals just as they are for its human ones?

Instead, so far in human history at least, even religious people have leaned on the presumption that “Man” has dominion over the animals –that we can control them, and by extension, treat them however we choose, no matter how much we besmirch the Golden Rule in so doing.

A fine book on this subject, The Dominion of Love, has been written by Norman Phelps, and it ought to be “required reading” for adults, especially if they are religious.

On the cover of the book appears a quote by Reverend Andrew Linzey, who said: “After decades of neglect, churches are beginning to take the issue of justice to animals seriously. Many books have influenced this change, and The Dominion of Love is an insightful, judicious, and inspiring contribution to this growing library.”

The ‘dominion’ or ‘stewardship’ that the Bible tells us God has given us over the other living beings in the world is simply an opportunity to love God concretely by protecting and nurturing God’s creation.
~ Norman Phelps, The Dominion of Love

To grow the library of influential books and quotes like these is one thing, but it is even more important for us to dramatically grow the numbers of people who are against “animal wrongs” — and thereby for animal rights.

People know that there are billions upon billions of animals that are enslaved and subjugated by “Man” and made to endure living hell in the ghastly process.

We “humane humans” ought not be a part of that process, either directly or indirectly. The fact is, we do not have to be part of it; we can instead choose to abandon it. We can follow the essence of our own conscience and apply The Golden Rule to all creatures great and small in our human interactions with them.

Peter Singer has suggested that we expand our moral horizons, “so that practices that were previously regarded as natural and inevitable are now seen as intolerable.”

Among the people who have most broadly expanded their moral horizons are those who have become vegetarians, and better yet, vegans. These humane humans live by the Golden Rule every day.

They have chosen not to eat dead animal flesh (euphemistically called “meat”), nor to eat, in the case of vegans, any other animal-based products. These choices are part of their daily lifestyle; typically for health, environmental, and, especially, moral and ethical reasons.

The world-renowned genius Albert Einstein said: “Nothing will benefit health and increase chances for survival on Earth so much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

Let’s join together with all our fellow men, women, and children in moving ever closer to The-Golden-Rule-based goal of becoming “Humaneitarians.” In so doing, we will evolve towards becoming a truly humane society.

It is easier now than ever before in history to evolve in this way, especially given the tremendous array of vegetarian and vegan food choices — tasty and healthy alternatives to the horrific cruelty and suffering that underlies the production of “meat” and other animal-based products.

Think about it. Would YOU like to be a so-called “food animal”? Because your answer is doubtless an emphatic “NO,” may I ask that you reflect on a mightily meaningful quote by Henry Spira: “If you see something that’s wrong, you’ve got to do something about it.”

It is indeed right for humans not only to stand up against wrongs, but also to take personal action to end them. Heaven forbid that we participate in wrongs, either directly or indirectly.

We humans are the most powerful members of the animal kingdom. Let us unite in both seeing “animal wrongs” and in acting to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM.

Written by Craig Cline of Salem, Oregon, an animal issues advocate who is continuing to evolve toward becoming a “Humaneitarian” and helping to right “animal wrongs” as part of that evolution.

This article and other articles written by Craig also appear in


Judy Carman: Are hunting and fishing consistent with religious values?

judy-carmenGuest Author Judy Carman

This month we are honored to feature activist, author, and speaker Judy Carman as our Guest Author!

Judy McCoy Carman, M.A. is a former therapist and program director for mental health clinics, a noted author, and a dedicated activist for animal rights, environmental protection, justice, and peace.

She is the author of three books (required reading for all who love animals):

The Missing Peace: The Hidden Power of our Kinship with Animals (co-written with Tina Volpe)
Peace to All Beings: Veggie Soup for the Chicken’s Soul and Born to be Blessed: Seven Keys to Joyful Living.

Judy is co-founder with Will and Madeleine Tuttle, of the Circle of Compassion Association and of the Prayer Circle for Animals facebook. She writes a weekly prayer for those who sign up for it at the Circle of Compassion website. At her Peace to All Beings website, you can see her books, articles, and also photos of many prayer flags for animals flying around the country.

You may also hear Judy speak at the 2014 Animal Rights Conference and the Vegan Spirituality Retreat in the Los Angeles area. Update! Judy was awarded the Grassroots Activist Award at the 2014 AR Conference in Los Angeles!

I am honored to have Judy’s story become a part of the WPW collective. Please welcome her!

Are hunting and fishing consistent with religious values?

Ken Damro’s last hunt took place when he tracked a wounded deer whom he had shot the day before. “I could see where this wounded deer had bedded down in a pool of blood and intestinal bile—where its pain must have been so intense…But the most moving aspect of this scenario was that this doe had a companion.” By reading the tracks, Ken realized that the friend never left the wounded deer’s side until she finally died. Seeing those tracks touched him deeply, and he never hunted again. Damro chronicled his journey to nonviolence in his book A Northwoodsman’s Guide to Everyday Compassion.

In his famous “Hunter’s Poem” Lemuel T. Ward described his last hunt. He shot two geese who fell to the ground near him. He watched as the male bird called to his mate, “And she dragged herself to his side. ..Then covering him with her broken wing, and gasping with failing breath; she laid her head against his breast; a feeble honk, then death….” With tears streaming down his face Ward buried the birds and threw his gun in the bay, never to hunt again.

The Buddha said, “All beings tremble before violence. All fear death. All love life. See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?” These men saw themselves in the deer and the geese, and they could never again do such harm..

After decades of hunting and fishing, Steve Hindi had an awakening of compassion. “God knows,” Hindi wrote, “how I fought to continue to kill. Leaving blood sports meant accepting a whole new set of values, and eventually coming to terms with owing a debt I could never repay.” He buried the fish and other beings he had hung on his walls and became an activist for the rights of animals. Regarding the violence that fish experience, he said “…I know they suffer tremendously, just as we would if subjected to such horrendous treatment.”

In the depths of our souls love for all creation lives and longs to be expressed. But we also have a long history of violence and oppression toward animals, women, minorities, the earth, and beings we perceive as “the other.” Nearly every religion, at its core, attempts to counteract the human tendency to violence by teaching that love is the only way to live. Norm Phelps concludes in The Dominion of Love: Animal Rights According to the Bible that “We have no moral right to make choices that destroy the happiness and steal the lives of helpless beings who are absolutely at our mercy.”

Mother Teresa taught that it is our duty to protect animals. St. Francis of Assisi said we must not hurt animals and that we actually have “a higher mission—to be of service to them…” The Jain religion promotes living a life of “ahimsa” or harmlessness and lovingkindness to all living beings. In early Genesis, people and animals live together in harmony. The Bible describes a time when we will return to that ideal nonviolent, compassionate, and loving way of life in which no animals will be eaten, hunted, fished, or exploited. Many great spiritual leaders have stated that we will never have world peace until we end our war against animals. But it is up to us to let go of our violent tendencies and embrace our true nature as people who, in Dostoevsky’s words, “will at last come to love the whole world with an abiding, universal love.”
Judy McCoy Carman, M.A.

Author of Peace to All Beings: Veggie Soup for the Chicken’s Soul

Co-Author with Tina Volpe of The Missing Peace: The Hidden Power of Our Kinship with Animals. and

This article also appeared in the February 2014 Lawrence Journal World


Daphne Stevens: A Vegan Journey

daphne-stevensGuest Author Daphne Stevens

This month we are honored to feature Daphne Stevens as our Guest Author! Daphne embraces life and is passionate about repairing and saving the Earth.

In addition to working to get the word out about becoming vegan, she volunteers as a director for two organizations, one of which is the Green Party US. She is currently reading and learning about Buddhism and discovering a gentler way to walk on this earth. Her 30 years of activist work for the planet and her volunteer work are the culmination of her passion to save the Earth.  Read more …

I am honored to have Daphne’s story become a part of the WPW collective.  Please welcome her!

A Vegan Journey

What you learn when you are young, you learn best. I remember reading that maxim at some point in my life but it might help to explain why so few people become vegan and why it took me so long.

I was raised in a meat/fish eating household during the 1940s and 1950s. Dairy was an important beverage as my parents weren’t coffee drinkers so we all drank and loved milk. Eggs were readily consumed too. The others loved cheese. Dinner was the typical meat, potato and vegetable.

Years later when my husband and I managed a historic farm property, we soon started raising pigs, sheep and chickens. We really loved those animals and took special care of them. My pigs had the cleanest pen around. I did hate loading those larger animals on a pickup truck to take to the slaughter house, hearing the frantic screams and baas. I felt badly when we left them but was already thinking of all the meat we were going to enjoy.

During those years at the farm, I also became involved with Massachusetts Audubon, taking classes and giving tours where I could share my growing knowledge and love for all of nature. I had always loved being outside. As a young child, we lived adjacent to an abandoned railroad track, which was wonderful to explore, in any season, looking for wildlife. I also loved visiting my uncle who knew all about wildflowers. As we would explore my grandfather’s orchard, he would teach me about flowers, trees, shrubs and birds. My most precious memories were exploring with my uncle. My uncle lived to 89 still religiously drinking his milk but by then had also had much of his colon removed.

Also during those farm years, I started learning that the planet was being abused, leaving us all in potential danger. The “safe” Malathion used to kill mosquitoes would also kill fish and also ruin the finish of your car. I felt as though I had risen from a long sleep. All the nature study, reading and course I had taken hadn’t prepared me for the news that our government was willingly causing harm to the landscape and the wildlife I loved. I learned about Rachel Carson and the dangers of DDT. My journey as an activist began.

I will never forget meeting my first vegetarian and saying to myself, I could never do that, thinking mostly about pork products. Fortunately for us, the groundwork for healthy eating began at the farm with our large vegetable garden, apple and pear trees, and grape vines. I even found currants at the edge of a field. We learned to can, putting up 5 cases of quarts of tomatoes and freezing enough applesauce for dessert for the next year. We also made and drank cider. I can’t say meat, dairy and eggs became less important but vegetables and fruit consumption rose dramatically during those years. I do remember eating a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches and various vegetable soups. My friend’s comments about vegetarianism gradually began to sink in. I also started learning more negatives about the food industry so we became vegetarians. My last meat was a locally grown Free Range turkey for Thanksgiving. We had already become vegetarian but my family was coming and they expected the traditional turkey with all the trimmings. I hated the way the meat hissed and spat almost as if it were alive, mocking me. I wish I could say that I didn’t eat any but I did along with the stuffing and gravy. That Thanksgiving day, I learned that I could not eat meat again.

My journey wasn’t over. I read and listened to people discussing eggs. We began to buy only organic but learned that those eggs aren’t as good as those from Free Range chickens. So we bought our eggs from our local organic farmer that we regularly purchased vegetables from to supplement what we grew. The only two other non- vegan foods we were eating were wild salmon from Trader Joes and organic yogurt. I also took fish oil supplements. We believed we were doing our best for the planet and ourselves. Being an activist environmentalist, I had long been aware how detrimental livestock was to the environment yet convinced ourselves that we eat so little animal food.

I would meet vegans and say, I could never do that until one day at the Worcester Veg Fest, we talked to a woman who explained about the cruelty inflicted on chickens and chicks. I told her about Chris, our farmer who raises Free Range chickens and how incredible his eggs are. She replied that he probably only buys female chicks which are half of the chick population. I was shocked by what happens to the male chicks. Though, I had seen the movie “Food Inc”. I had a serious disconnect somewhere. At home, we read through all the literature we had collected. I also started reading a book I had purchased from the author J Morris Hicks “HEALTHY EATING HEALTHY WORLD”. I soon was introduced to all the people that I have now read so much about: T Colin Campbell, John and Ocean Robbins, Neal Barnard MD, Dean Ornish, MD, Joel Furman, MD, and Caldwell B Esselstyn JR. MD.

I realized the learning curve for becoming vegan was much steeper than for becoming vegetarian. For the past 1½ years, I have immersed myself into finding the best information on what we need to be healthy. For example, taking enough vitamins B and D are essential. The other part of this is finding vegan supplements and vitamins. I am still working on good sources for organic vegan, bulk supplements. I do take Vegan Protect by Mega Foods for my multi vitamin.

While living on the farm we joined a co-op to buy in bulk, to save money, use less packaging and to only buy organic. We still belong to a co-op for the same reasons but have also discovered that we need more than what the co-ops offer so we have branched out to direct buying. Finding protein powder and nuts were two of our main reasons. We also needed to find “sales” so having other options helped. Our favorite bulk online sources are:,,, and

My path to be vegan began because of my love for the planet and my fear for its future. Many other avenues have opened on this journey. I had long been a pacifist but my feeling deepened and my heart broadened to include all sentient beings. Good health comes from eating well which I was long aware of but now learned that there are dangers associated with eating meat dairy, fish and eggs both through the government’s lack of oversight and the food products themselves. Studying Buddhism has helped me grow spiritually, opening me up to be more accepting of the vegan path. I have happily survived the journey and enriched my life.

Thank you for inviting me to be your January speaker, Daphne Stevens proud to be a vegan.



Will Tuttle: I Am the Vegan Activist

Guest Author Dr. Will Tuttle, Ph.D.

This month we are honored to feature Dr. Will Tuttle as our Guest Author! Dr. Tuttle is an award-winning speaker, educator, author, and musician. His music, writings, and presentations focus on creativity, intuition, and compassion.

Dr. Tuttle is the author of The World Peace Diet, a book that has been called one of the most important books of the 21st century. Dr. Tuttle is a leader in the animal compassion and vegan community and is considered a mentor to many. Please visit if you are interested in knowing how you may work more closely with Dr. Tuttle.

He is a recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award, and is the co-founder of Circle of Compassion ministry. A former Zen monk with a Ph.D. in education from U.C., Berkeley, he has worked extensively in intuition development, spiritual healing, meditation, music, creativity, vegan living, and cultural evolution.

Please welcome him and experience another side to his writing with this lovely poetry offering!
I am the vegan activist,
My heart filled with the wish to relieve the horrible suffering
Mysteriously inflicted on animals seen as food.
Rising early, sitting in silence every day, listening within, opening… dilating….
I am the day-old calf at the organic dairy,
Pulled from my mother by strong hard hands, while she moans and bellows.
Alone in a tight crate, I shiver, hungry, nursing on the iron bars.
I am the little child, being spoon-fed my first solid food.
I keep spitting it out, but it keeps coming back, relentlessly.
“Eat this,” mommy says, “it’s mashed potato and calves’ liver—it’s good for you.”
I am the little girl, on the day it sinks in—
“Hot dogs,” “hamburgers,” “bacon,” “eggs,” “veal,” “chicken,” “liver,” “fish sticks”—
You mean, it’s animals I’ve been eating?  A darkness enters my chest.
I am the young child, being taught how to fish.
“Don’t worry, fish can’t feel any pain,” I’m told.
“And even if they could, God gave ‘em to us to eat.”
“Oh.  O.K.”
I am in the dentist’s chair,
Immobilized, while he pulls, pries, drills: oh, it hurts!
Deep down, I know he’s doing it for my own good…
I am the calf at branding time, castrating time,
The pig at ear-notching, tail-docking time,
The chicken at beak-cutting time,
Immobilized, while he cuts me, burns my flesh—oh, it hurts!
Rough hands that hurt me, the horror of strong inescapable hurting hands!
I am the minister at the church barbecue,
Laughing, happy, my flock spread around me,
Chewing on the ribs of lambs, why, we’ve raised five hundred dollars here today!
I am the cowboy at the rodeo.
“Shock him good, I want him runnin’!”
A quick chase and lasso throw, jerk the rope, he’s flat and down;
I drink the cheers.
I am the young cow—another rodeo.
The ropes and blows and cages, suddenly a searing pain, like a knife,
A door flies open, I run to escape. Sudden slamming twisting agony;
Cheers and laughter.
I am the former vegetarian, I’ve been there.
I’m not rigid and judgmental, and anyway:
A person’s body is not defiled by what goes in the mouth, but by what comes out.
I am the slaughterhouse worker,
Prodding and poking cows along with my knife and electro-shocker,
Like I was prodded and kicked when I was a kid.
I am the slaughterhouse foreman,
Enslaved by demands for profit and production
“Speed up the line!” we’re lagging—big trucks keep comin’, full of chickens.
I am the feedlot operator, fattening cattle.
Belly hanging, back sore, joints aching, I sit down to a comforting steak.
“Anyway, it’s not what goes into a man’s mouth…”
I am the terrified dairy cow,
Still young, just five years old, facing the slaughterhouse chute,
The pain of the prod, the fear so thick I can smell it, the hard hands. . . .
I am the young fattened turkey,
Grabbed by one leg and hung upside down,
Ligaments torn, I hang in the moving line with the others:
Helpless pain and terror.
I am the self-shining Light of Infinite Love,
I welcome every turkey, pig, cow, duck, chicken, lobster, fish—
Not as animals, but as what they truly are—Myself.
The nightmare ordeal over, their pain-wracked bodies forever left,
I embrace them as the essence of what they are—
The Joy that springs at the heart of the Universe,
The only Life that is.
And I embrace my other beloved children, when it is their time:
The hardened slaughterhouse workers, the diseased housewives, the managers,
The scholars and ministers, the vegetarians and non-vegetarians,
The gorillas, the wolves, the pet cats and the hunted deer,
I open and embrace every being with eternal utter love,
And hold them forever as rays sent forth,
And embrace them when they return, as the heart of their own heart,
And they are judged only by themselves,
And are punished only by their own actions in the endless rounds of being,
Of learning and growing, of eventually understanding,
Of celebrating Me, the utter joy and perfection of Being,
The freedom shining in the heart of every being.
I am the vegan activist,
My heart filled with knowing the perfection of being,
And working hard to help relieve the horrible suffering
Mysteriously inflicted on animals seen as food.

By Will Tuttle



Madeleine Tuttle: Spiraling Onward to the Roots!

Madeleine Tuttle visionary artist Seeing some wild turkeys roaming around here, not far away, and marveling at their beautiful nature, their unfortunate sisters, the so-called “farm” turkeys suddenly popped up in my mind.

Did we ever question the authenticity of our holiday dinners? Did the Indians and early settlers perhaps celebrate the harvest in a different way? What about the Three Sisters: squash, corn and beans? How actually did the turkey come into play? And why do we need to add a killed bird on our festive table? Would it be possible to celebrate together, leaving out this enormous cruelty?

French culinary traditions play a big part in the presentation of our food. One essential principle: there must be a centerpiece. There are a few vegan ideas, like stuffing a pumpkin, or choosing among the many non-cruel alternatives. Maybe a Tofurkey, or a Field-roast. Or make it more a heart-felt, free-form celebration, and less an indoctrinated form-addicted affair.

Deep down it certainly feels better.

We can start today and make our own food choices: for the happiness of all beings.

Happy Holidays throughout the whole year!

~ by visionary artist Madeleine Tuttle



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27 Responses to Guest Authors

  • Jele says:

    Dear World Peace writers! In case You do not know yet about this new book “Manifest des Veganen Humanismus” of the german philosopher Prof. Taureck, I wanna tell You about this. I myself haven’t already read the whole till now, however I know and love the brilliant philosophy of Taureck behind. There is an Interview with Taureck on the german website “”. So You can read it by Yourself in German.
    ” God” save us all in these days, who-or whatever God may be!

  • Marlene says:


    Namaste and danke sehr! It’s refreshing to read your wise, thoughtful comments, along with your words about THE ESSENE GOSPEL OF PEACE.

    I look forward to learning about the people who lived as true Vegans in India 7-10,000 years ago. You are amazing, and greatly appreciated.

    Peace, Marlene

  • Jele says:

    Now I found the English Version of THE ESSENE GOSPEL OF PEACE of Edmond Bordeaux Szekely.
    So everyone can have his own look at it. But in spite of this, I want to write down here the last part of Book one where Jesus talks about nutrition to the sick people that had fasted on the riverside. I had mentioned already, that I found the advices that Jesus might have given like that very logical and clear and they go surprising together with what our newest science about nutrition has found out. But in the end of this text there is something disturbing illogical for me and this I would like to discuss.
    So we see:

    And it was by the bed of a stream, many sick fastened and prayed with God’s angels for seven days and seven nights. And great was their reward, because they followed Jesus’ words. And with the passing of the the seventh day, as their pains left them and when the sun rose over the earth’s rim they saw Jesus coming towards them from the mountain, with the brightness of the rising sun about his head. “Peace be with You”, he said. And they said no word at all, but only cast themselves down before him and touched the hem of his garment in token of their healing. “Give thanks not to me, but to your Earthly Mother, who sent you the healing angels. Go, and sin no more, that you may never again see desease. And let the healing angels become your guardians”. But they answered him: “Wither should we go, Master, for with you are the words of eternal life? Tell us, what are the sins which we must shun, that we may never more see desease?” Jesus answered: “Be it so according to your faith” and sat down among them, saying: “It was said to them of old time; honour thy Earthly Mother, and do their commandments, that thy days may be long upon this earth. And next afterward was given this commandment: Thou shalt not kill, for live is given to all by God and that which God has given, let no man take away. For-I-tell you truly, from a mother proceeds all that lives upon earth. Therefore, he who kills, kills his brother. And from him will earthly mother turn away, and will pluck from him her quickening breasts. And he will be shunned by her angels and Satan will have his dwelling body. And the flesh of slain beasts in his body will become his own tomb. For I tell you truly, he who kills, kills himself, and who so eats the flesh of slain beasts, eats of the body of death. For in his blood every drop of their blood turns to poison; in his breath their breath to stink; in his flesh their flesh to boils; in his bones their bones to chalk; in his bowels their bowels to decay; in his eyes their eyes to scales; in his ears their ears to waxy issue. And their death will become his death. For only in the service of the Heavenly Father are your debts of seven years forgiven in seven days. But Satan forgives you nothing and you must pay him for all. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burning for burning, wound fo wound, life for life, death for death. For the wages of sin is death. Kill not, neither eat the flesh of your innocent prey, lest you become the slaves of Satan. For that is the path of sufferings, and it leads into death. But do the will of God, that his angels may serve you on the way of life. Obey, therefore the words of God: “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed. To you it shall be for meat. And to all beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to everything that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is breath of life, I give every herb for meat”.

    So far so good, dear vegans. But in the following end of this text I do not agree and I do not find it as logical as before:

    “Also the milk of every thing that moveth and liveth upon earth shall be meat for you, even as the green herb have I gven unto them, so I give their milk to you. But flesh and blood who quickens it, shall ye not eat. And surely, your spurting blood will I require, your blood wherein is your soul. I will require all slain beasts, and the souls of all slain men. For I the Lord thy God am a God strong and jaluos, visiting the inquiery of he fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me, and showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments. Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy strength, this is the first and gratest commandment. And the second is like unto it: Love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these”.

    I cannot agree with this last part of the textand I do not find it as logical as the text before it. The milk of any animal is the milk of a mother that has one or more babys that need that special milk. And we are not allowed to steal them their mothers milk. And we are not allowed to steal a mother her milk that ist destinated to her babys. This is what had to be said to the people in these days, I think.

    So we have to speculate, if really Jesus could have said this to the people. I love this historical personality and I believe in her and so I believe, that he really did not do or say anything wrong.

    • Peacewriter says:

      Jele, you have a path, stay true no matter what you read. Regarding the drinking of the milk of animals that was spoken of long ago, NO MORE.

      • Jele says:

        Dear Peacewriter! Thank You for your answer. My intention to write this text down was the following: I have been thinking day by day and also writing about this sort of zivilisation to find out, what has gone wrong and how long this still was going on. And of cause I soon found out, that the one and only the reason is the violence of human kind. But I also found out, that there is nearly no violence without lieing! The lie is the dressed violence in this world. Violence and lie cannot be without one another and I could see that our orthodox delievered history is also a tissue of lies! And of course it is a tissue of error an fault.
        And the truth has been brushed for politics since a long time. What I wanted to show with this text is the dicrepance between the first part that is very logical an clear and the last that is completely illogical. In the first part is said, that all that lives comes from a mother and when you kill you kill your brother(and sister). Following this level of deep logic it must have been said, that any milk comes from a mother and you dare not take away the juice of life that is meant only for her babys. So I can imagine, that the words of Jesus could have been changed or altered or something has been added for egoistic political reasons afterwards! I cannot believe, that Jesus could have been known only half of truth! I think that he was a revolutioneer and I find him a “matriarchalic” man! Especially when it goes after nutrition there are many lies also in all the past we know! But I have read about matrirachalic people that lived 7-10000 years ago in India that lived as true vegans and I will tell You something about them with a next comment. I wish You good times,dear peacewriter and all the WPR’s too!

  • jele Votava says:

    Dear World Peace Writers, Dear Marlene! Please forget the link of my last comment that should lead to the texts of The Essene Gospel and Jesus Words about Nutrition. Now I found the English Publication called “The Essene Gospel of John”. Here is an information about the author:

    EDMUNT BORDEAUX SZEKELY(1905-1975)was a Hungarian philologist/linguist, philosopher, psychologist and natural living eperimenter.
    Szekely claimed that, while studying at the Vatican in 1923, he had found and translated several Hebrew and Aramaic texts which he said proved that the Essenes were vegetarians and that vegetarism was prescribed by Jesus. Szekely claimed to have found an Aramaic translation of the Essene Gospel of Peace and the Essene Book of Revelation at the Vatican library. In the scriptorium of the Benedictine monastery of Monte Cassino he claimed to have found the original Hebrew text of the Essene Gospel of Peace. His findings, as did the writings of Romain Rolland, often challenged the assumptions of conventional religious adherents and politizised, established religious institutions about the life and teaching of Jesus, and was therefore often critizised by them. Some critics have pointed out that Szekely, after originally publishing a French translation, first published it in English in 1937 as THE GOSPEL OP PEACE OF JESUS CHRIST by the disciple John. After the discovery of the DEAD SEA SCOLLS in the 1940’s and intense public interest in the Essenes, Szekely republished an updated version as THE ESSENE GOSPEL of John. The scolls appearing on the title page of later editions are not the manuscripts Szekely claimed to translate, but a reversed image of a DEAD SEA SCOLL from Professor Millar Burrows. The DEAD SEA SCROLL, published in 1958.

    We see, it is a bit complicately to get to the reality of what Jesus reailly once said about nutrition. But I believe in the original text of Edmont Bordeaux Szekely that describes the speach of Jesus to the people about nutrition, because it seemed to me completely logically and true. This I wanted to tell You before I go to translate some of it that seemes the most important to me!

  • jele Votava says:

    Marlene! I want to thank You very much for Your heart -warming words again! It means a lot to me!

    I want to send You another little poem of those, that stayed in my mind forever from the moment on I got to know them:

    Ewigkeit – Liebe hat begonnen, Zeitbegriff zerronnen – Ewigkeit!

    Eternity- When love came to stay, time concept melted away – Eternity

    When my mother died, she did not leave me- instead of that she finally came back to me forever – I got an inviolable friendship for eternity. The same my youngest sister who died of cancer some years ago. So I know, where they are now. They are within Love!

    • Marlene says:

      Dear Jele,

      Danke sehr! You always share interesting Wisdom and Hope!

      I’m happy to hear about your truthful experiences with your mother and sister. It is my hope that all of us will evolve to that level. Jele, I think that you, like Will, and Judy Carman, are prophets. You are here to help us Earthlings!

      I have learned through spiritual teachings that if humankind understood that Life is eternal, humans would no longer embody fear. Within this evolution, the global practice of killing animals and humans will become obsolete. A Vegan world rising!

      I really enjoyed the poem. I’ve written it down; and my goal is to recite this poem in German!

      Also, I would love to hear more about Jesus’ Essenic teachings in the “Rolle von Cumran” (you mentioned this document in your comments on my article, Eve was Framed: A Loving Tribute to Women and Girls).

      Thanks again, Jele.

      Love, Marlene

      • jele Votava says:

        Dear Marlene! I saw Your reply yesterday night and I was very happy about it and it gave me so much good power again! Usually I am only understood in that way by my lifelong companion! If You call me a prophet I call You a saint!:-)
        World Peace Writers and World Peace Makers i.o.w.: We as true VEGANS can all help each other always anyway!
        I don’t know wether there is an english translation of the Jesus’ teaching about nutrition in the “Rolle von Cumran” in the net -I couldn’t find anyone. So I will translate the most important passages for all WPR. There is a german page: my translation comes later.

        I am always surprised again about the fact, that the genuine History tells us so little about humans nutrition of the whole past, especially about the people who did not eat animals!

        Do You know something about JOAN MARLER? I do not know wether she is a vegan, but I have read very strong beautyful words of her about believe and Mother Earth! I only saw it in my language and I like it so much in deutsch:

        ” Wenn das Heilige in der Natur wohnt, dann haben wir nicht mehr die Berechtigung, die natürlichen Systeme, die das Leben erhalten, zu verschmutzen und zu zerstören. Wenn das Heilige verkörpert ist, dann tragen unsere Körper eine heilige Autorität in sich. Wenn die Erde selbst der Platz des Heiligen ist, dann müssen wir lernen, in Harmonie mit der Erde zu leben.”
        my translation:If the saint lives in nature we have no more rights to spoil and destroy the natural systems, that preserve life. When the saint is embodyed then our bodies carry a holy autority within them. If this earth itself is the place of the saint, then we must learn to live together with her in harmony.

        You know, I started to love the german language when I started to read the german philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. He has been a genius of language and showed me how deep and beautiful the german can be!. I was about twenty years old and it was as if a fresh new door for thinking and feeling has been opened for me, and just especially for me for hardly anyone else that I knew did really understand that like me! He could express the clearest biggest truths with a few words and those words were always the most beautiful ones ! I want to give You just one example of only two short sentences that tell me all about the big problem of our human existance now on earth:

        “Die Wüste wächst! Weh dem, der Wüsten birgt!”

        This I really do not dare to translate. I wonder how it was possible at all to translate the Nietzsche into any other language! I love all great philosophers but Sokrates and Nietzsche I love most.

        It is all so true what You say, Marlene! Thank You for beeing alive! Jele
        My translation about Jesus will follow.

  • Marlene says:

    Dear Jele,

    Thanks, you made my day! I am grateful that you are fabulously fluent in English so that we can communicate! With empathy, I understand your statements, and I experience those same emotions.

    Your words remind me of Will’s teachings. Will has, also, stated that becoming vegan is just the beginning; and that we must strive to always speak, think, and act in noble ways. So, whenever I need a helpful reminder throughout the day, I will remember to follow the Jele/Will way!

    I am honored to participate in this communique with you. I enjoyed (and printed) Dr. Henrich’s posts. Danke sehr, Jele!

    Peace, Marlene

    • jele Votava says:

      Dear Marlene! I am also very much grateful and honoured that I have been understood so good and deeply from the heart in spite that my English is really not fluently! 🙂 But Language is a matter of feeling anyway and if Your heart is filled up with something, You’ll find out the right words for it much more easier, no matter which of the languages You have to use, I think.
      I just had the idea to send my greetigns to You and all World Peace Writers with the prophecy of the Shambala Warriors, but I’m not shure whether Yor know it already or not…? The origin of the tale lies in a more than twelve hundred years old prophecy from Tibetan Buddhism(therefor I think that Will does already know it!)
      These “warriors” are said to go into training nowdays. They have only two weapons, but these weapons are the strongest ever in the whole world: COMPASSION AND INSIGHT. They are gifts for us all humans to claim now in the healing of the world.
      This is not a battle between good guys and bad guys because the line between good and evil runs through the landscape of every human heart.

      Joanna Macy likes to tell that tale of the Shambhalas during her seminars and workshops…
      Later on I also will tell Yo another little tale of the indian “Baüls”, but at first I have to translate this very carefully from german to English because I find it so very much valuable. It is only a few simple words to say but You know that the gratest wisdom is always the biggest Simplicity! Bye,bye, I’ll be coming back as soon as possile ! Trying always to exercise with those two”weapons” ! Jele

      • Peacewriter says:

        Jele, how lovely that you bring clarity to the intention of these spiritual warriors! I also appreciate their practice!

        • jele Votava says:

          Dear Peacewriter! thank You for Your nice reply! You WorldPeace Writers are always so kind to me and this makes me always a little bit stronger than before!

          I just finished my translation about the BAÜLS for You. But this time I also used the Internet main entrance Abacho for it, because it is there so many poetic expressions and my little schoolEnglisch from formertimes is shurely not sufficient for this. I hope, nevertheless, that I have spoilt nothing of it.

          The BAÜLS of former Bengali were an absolutely unbound, but deeply religiosly oriented fee thinkers municipality whose prayers and sermons took place in form of songs and dances outside in the free nature, on the streets and ways of Bengali where always somebody wanted to hear and see them. Rabindranath Tagore wrote about them :

          “The Baüls, a Bengalish sect, declare in their songs the divinity of Man and express an intense feeling of Love. Coming from men who are unsophisticated it gives us a clue to the inner meanings of all religions.”

          Baül means great head, derived from bayu(Skt vayu) in the meaning of nerve fibre and became a name of people who do not adapt themselves in the valid social order. This derivation of name is supported by the following Baül-verses:

          ” This is the reason, brother, why I became a Baül: I obey no man, no regulation, rule or uses. Therefor no differences made by people have power about me, and I indulge myself in the joy of my own overflowing love. In the love there is no separation , but only bandaging. Thus I am glad in song and dance with all and everybody.”

          Another part of those significant song-texts:

          “In the area of the simple You must travel. How could You find out that new about the real by following the mass and gather their worthless rests, while they go the path of the usual works.”

          The report of the Baüls is added as an appendix in the book of R. Tagore called “the Religion of Man”. He has asked the author, his friend Prof. Kshiti Mohun Sen of Santiniketan in Visvabharati Quaterly if he would allow to use it for this issue so that those wonderfull people would not be forgotten!

          My favourite little parabel of the Baüls is the following because it touches a problem that I specially suffer under besides or just together with the problem of misstreating our dearest friends, the animals: Our cold hearted science!

          Because after the Baüls the main principle of the world is love, once a Vaishnava(member of a high educated caste) a Baül-singer asked whether he is also aware of the different kinds of love how they are split up in the holy writings of the Vaishnava.

          “What should an unlearned nobody like I know about the holy writings?” answered he.

          Then the Vaishnava offered to him him to read out the text and to explain. So he began with it and the Baül listened with the biggest patience he could raise. When the lecture was finished he was questioned about his opinion. There he started to sing:

          ” Seemes to me, a goldsmith came to a flower garden. He wanted to check really the Lotus while he rubbed her in his touch -stone!”

          I hope I have chosen the right words not to have spoiled the delikateness! With love to all of You! Jele

          “Love is a golden touch that turns addiction into service” is another word of the Baüls.

          • Peacewriter says:

            Sweet, very sweet… I relate to this thinking very well. Keep on writing Jele, your words and intention are beautiful.

          • Marlene says:

            Danke Sehr, Jele!

            I am always impressed with your wealth of knowledge. Thanks for sharing these profound insights from the Baüls. I was not aware of their teachings, and I’m very grateful for your wisdom. I will remember “Love is a golden touch that turns addiction into service.” YOU, Jele, are amazing!

            Peace and Love, Marlene

  • jele Votava says:

    Dear WorldPeaceWriters! Do You already know the german vegan Ernst Walter Henrich? He wrote this excellent booklet
    about Veganism where everybody will be informed profoundly about al the Problems in the world that we have by this wrong “Omnivor”-Nutration! It is translated in many languages, also in English,of course. I can feel that Dr. Henrich is one of the most important and clearly thinking and feeling persons of the word wide vegan scene!

  • jele Votava says:

    Sorry, I have made a mistake in what I wrote yesterday to Daphne. We had nice talks to 4 VEGAN humans, NOT VEGETARIAN! For me this is very much important, because as we all know the cows and their calfs are not suffering less at all than the animals that live their unhappy short life only to be killed. This is what vegetarians obviously have still to learn. Somone once said that the milk of this tortured animals is the “white blood”!

  • Marlene says:

    Welcome, Jele! It’s very nice to hear from you. I enjoyed reading your posts. Danke sehr for sharing your heart-warming words.

    In my post, Compassion in Action (Part Ten), I have provided two links to Melanie Joy; and in my post, Mapenzi is Vegan – Vegan is Love (Part 3), I’ve included a German music video by MC Albino.

    I would like to share this poem by Tara (that I just discovered on Judy Carman’s website). Her poem brings Hope.

    Barely a wink of sleep
    I’ve jumped the fence
    Flown the coop
    Swum away
    Escaped the trap
    Ducked the bullet
    Broken out of the lab
    And cut the rope from my neck
    All beings are free.
    ~ Tara Gardner 2013

    • jele Votava says:

      Dear Marlene! Thank You for Your kind reply! I am still reading your big posting – It takes me a while, because I am not very much used to Your language. For now at first only this: These words of Gandhi are as simple as true and they are known all over the world. Yes I try to live the change that I want to see in this world and I think to be as honest as possible has the same importance as to be a vegan! This is after the cruel treating of the animals the second big problem in this world and also the same anyhow. I want to express, that I am suffering very much under the untruthness of people . This makes me really sick!
      I do not only mean the usual indoctrination of all the mass-mediums but the lies and frauds of people that try to behave like friens but are not! To be onest I still do not know how to handle this. Do You also have problems with that? This is what I also thought in that moment when I just read the words of Gandhi once more. I want to encourage other people to be as honest and true as possible by saying the truth myself- even if it is not this that they want to hear! I do not want to be unpolite to anyone but when I feel them lieing I will tell this to them! (sorry my simple words-in german I could express this a little better!:) I think the problem is that many people even do not know that it is lieing what they do, because the whole world is used to the lieing and maybe they feel too lonesome or unnormal when they simply say what they think and what they feel! But this always seems so stupid to me, because actually nobody can really hide his lieing! So it is a sort of theatre that they think to have to play! And at least nothing is meant serious between them! They have no respect of their own speaking as they have no respect of the animals life or the whole life at all! this was just in my heart and in my head so that I could not sleep! Good night dear Marlene! Jele

  • Daphne Stevens says:

    Hi Jele, I have a question. Are many German’s and/or Europeans vegan? Germany is so far ahead of us using plant based medicines and environmentally wise so thought they may be more food conscious. Peace, Daphne

  • jele Votava says:

    Hello Daphne! As I read about Your hatered loading the animals on the pick-up truck to be slaughtered, I remembered such a scene I have considered once long time ago in a village near “Bodensee” in Germany. I was a sort of tourist there and just walking around as I saw a farmer and his wife on the road that tried to get a calf up to such a truck. The poor carf tried to get away from this terrible truck with all its might, but it had no chance, of course. During this act of violence that made me very sad I looked into the face of the farmers wife. There I could see, that this woman actually felt nearly exactly the same like me! You could see, that she knew she was doing something very wrong -I could see the feeling of guiltyness on her face! Here I saw once more how strong this wrong System of traditional thinking that is based on the belief on violence really is and how it makes the people sick and suffer that do not yet know that. They even act against their best and deepest feelings! This happened in about in the 1980. I hope that this woman is thinking too like us today! I found it very easy to become a vegatarian and also easy to stop drinking milk. The last I still liked for longest was a buttered fresh german “Roggenbrot” . But now since a long time I make myself my own butter out of cocos-and olive-oil, some drops of lemon and water and some salt. And I find it much more delicious. Now I only like the plant-based tastings since a long time. Jele

    • Daphne Stevens says:

      Hi Jele, thank you for sharing your sad story with me. I wish I had been thinking like you did in the 1980s. You are so sensitive and wise to see what you saw in the farmer wife’s face. I’m glad you found a butter substitute you like better.
      Your writing is wonderful. I have a German friend across the street who talks like you write. Peace for all, Daphne

      • jele Votava says:

        Dear Daphne! Thank You for Your nice response! I like You “World Peace Writers” so very much and I am really glad having found You! I can tell You that especially in Berlin the vegan scene is growing up very quickly! Nearly every time when we go there(we live about 50km from the city in the environment) a new vegan place has appeared! The last time-few days ago-we found a new little Restaurant called “Let it be”. They have crêpes whith very delicious fillings and a very good sort of bavarian beer that we didn’t know before. It is a nice couple of musicians had this Idea. She is also a disc -jockey and she has been inspired for the vegan life during a tour through California! We -me and my husbant- had a nice talk with this people and decided to go there soon again. And after this we went from “Berlin -Neukölln” to the centre of the city “Belin-Charlottenburg” and met another nice couple that have a vegan reataurant called “Vaust” there and had another nice talk!
        This kind talks with 4 young vegetarian humans that are so strong and seriously engageded made us a good new peace more hopefull and we know that there are much more people like that in Berlin and now more and more I think we can make the whole world change in the sense of Wills wonderfull book!
        I’ve been brought up with “Homöopathie” because my grand parents were one of the first “Anthroposphs” that even got to know “Rudolph Steiner” as a friend. I myself am not a Anthroposoph, because I am a vegan and do not stick to any special theoretical thinking system or believe. But I believe very deeply in the healing power of Homöopathie and I practice it nearly every day for me, my husbant and my animals! God bless You! Jele

  • jele Votava says:

    Hello Catherine ! I must confess, that till now I only have read a first part of this book, but believe me, in spite of this I know very well, that this is the book I have waited for all the time since I myself got to undestand very deeply, what this kind of animal treating does to our world! Me and my husbant were always thinking and talking about this disturbing influence and we came to the same conclusion like Will Tuttle, that this is the key for all our deepest suffering and misunderstanding in this world! As long as we’re enduring this, our world can never be able to be a good one where we can live as real happy beeings! I’m waiting now for the first german translation, because this is my home language. KZ means in german a ConzentrationCamp like the distruction camps of the Nazis- of course an industrial farm. After I will have read the whole WorldPeaceDiet in german, I will also read the whole book again in the origin language, Wills language! Thank You for Your reply-it meant much to me! Jele

  • jele Votava says:

    I’m happy having found this site now! About 1 year ago I wrote some comments on a thread about Melanie Joy’s Idea of “Carnism” and it was there that I got a first message from Stefan Gutwin(Hallo Stefan!)who told me about the WorldPeaceDiet! Dear Will: This is exactly the book I was waiting for all the time! I myself have been also writing for ages about the Veganism. I would like to tell some of my personal thoughts about this another time! I’m not used to write in this language and I hope not to make too many ridiculous mistakes!:-) It was was in the 1970ies in Germany while I had been an art-student and while I ate Chickens nearly every day, one day I saw a photo from the inside of one of those Chicken-KZ’s! I remember it still as if it had been last week! First time in my life I have seen part of real hell! Now I knew hell!
    From this day on my life changed, I became a vegetarian. And later I was told one day, that the cows are crying for a long time after their babies and their babyes after their mothers, when they separate them. This was in the 1980ies and I was shocked in the same way as before whith the chicken’s hell. So I became a vegan. Since this, I felt my mind and body completely changed. It was a special sort of very deep depressions from the time before that never came back to me, never darkened my soul in the way it did before! Now I could always keep much more on the sunny side of life – switch back to it always very much quicklyer! And tears also come quicklyer again like it was in my childhood! Thanks for beeing alive! Jele

    • Catherine Perry says:

      Hello Jele,
      I am so glad you are alive and witnessing! Thank you for sharing your experience.
      In what language do you write usually?
      Could you explain what a “Chicken-KZ” is? Is it an industrial farm?
      I am presently studying the World Peace Diet for the second time. It’s such a rich book in every sense of the word, that it’s as if I were discovering it for the first time!

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