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I was raised in a rural area where I discovered my profound love of nature. I wanted to be outside all the time and still do. Working the earth whether planting for food or flowers is a passion for me. Another passion is working to save the planet once I connected my childhood love for nature and the damage that is being done to the Earth.

My life journey took me down another path when I started working for Old Sturbridge Village, a living history museum of the early 19th century. As a child who loved to read, I chose books about history and nature. While I was employed at the Village as a costumed interpreter for 24 years. I was exposed to not just our US history, but also to world events, I spoke to visitors from all over the world who would share their country’s current events with me, after I was able to share their history of their country. Much of my time there was similar to living on a college campus. I treasured all I learned. My work also included working in their excellent Herb Garden where I learned so much about gardening, herbs, both  their historical and current uses. I also worked as a performer and I would develop performances about subjects that I wanted to learn more about. One of my favorite roles was playing Lydia Maria Child, a nineteenth century author, educator, and abolitionist. She enriched my life, gave me joy and a purpose that I was lacking.

Since I worked most Sundays at OSV I couldn’t go to church, which I had loved as a child. I developed a program, Religion around the Common, which helped me discover the religious denomination I wanted to belong to once I worked less and then when I retired. My journey returned me to my roots as my grandparents were Unitarian and Universalist (which merged in 1961). How I wish I could have asked them what they thought about that. I found a great UU church nearby and I never looked back. Thanks to Marlene, I met Nina, also a UU who is vegan. She has created a program that she presents at churches in the area and will be giving a vegan service on February 23rd at my church.

Where am I now? I am embracing life and fighting to save the Earth. I volunteer as a director for two organizations in addition to working to get the word out about becoming vegan. I am reading and learning about buddhism, a gentler way to walk on this earth. Politically, I am a member of the Green/Rainbow party and the Green Party US. I have a volunteer position with G/R that involves working with the GPUS. My 30 years of activist work for the planet and these parties are the culmination of my passion to save the Earth.

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