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tara gardner


I am honored and delighted to be a part of anything that connects people to light and love.  I am passionate about healing, nutrition, and food, and the peace and compassion they bring to our lives when all is in balance.

I am delighted to work with the angelic realm and the ascended masters to be a conduit of their light and love, and of their peace, healing, and guidance.

I have cultivated an understanding of the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies and how each of these must be supported and in balance for long term results. It is my intention and heartfelt desire to bring knowledge and the truth of self healing to all.

A longtime vegetarian and currently a mostly raw food vegan; I know the joy that an organic raw and vegan living food diet brings to your personal life as well as the animal beings, the earth and all she supports. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share this knowledge!

I am certified from Living Light Culinary Arts Institute as a Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator.

In 2011 I became a facilitator for The World Peace Diet as taught by Dr. Will Tuttle and this website is a blossom from that beautiful beginning.


stefan gutwin


Who am I?

When introducing myself to an animal I usually say (telepathically): “May peace be with all beings! I am the “ferryman” [le passeur] of cats and other animals as well.” I say this because I accompany them during crucial moments in their lives, especially when they are born and at the end of their earthly lives. Like Charon in Greek mythology, I take care of their souls. Which does not mean that they have to die now that I have come their way. It simply states what they may expect from me and usually makes them feel confident, as they can see that I am a spiritual person and that through intuitive communication I can understand their thoughts and feelings. To some cats whom I take care of after surgery or when they need to be euthanized at the veterinary clinic where I do volunteer work, I say that they have the privilege to wake up or to fall asleep before beginning the biggest of all journeys in the arms of the guardian angel of cats. 🙂

Now, I know that humans who are less familiar with spiritual matters may be bewildered by this introduction. To them I usually say that I am a philosopher specializing in the field of animal ethics and bioethics. I am also a linguist and have been working as a translator. The deeper meaning of this to me is to serve as a facilitator between languages/cultures in much the same way than I am a facilitator between worlds through animal communication and other spiritual techniques. One of the down-to-earth aspects I may mention is that I am a German living in France for over ten years now. This allows me to have a particular view on the French culture and it also means that I have evolved in my worldview and values because I have “left home”.

As Will Tuttle explains in The World Peace Diet, the vegan journey is all about “leaving home” – questioning our culture’s practices and values – and then coming back to help transform our culture and contribute to social progress. I can say that I have “left home” on several levels. Sometimes, I felt like just leaving and going further and further away from my fellow-humans… Yet I also heard the call to share my insights with others, because we are all connected, and because what I do for others, I do for myself. Spiritual development the way I understand it is evolving myself to help others evolve, so that we can all live in a more evolved environment and evolve even more. I have been hearing the call for some time now until I knew how to respond. This is what this writer’s collective is about for me: “coming back home” and helping transform our culture. One of the affirmations I personally use fits perfectly with our collective and is my motivation for participating in this enterprise: I use the power of word to do good.

My wish is to contribute to changing the way animals are considered and treated in our culture by providing my insights as an animal communicator and philosopher. I deliberately choose to provide a counterpart to the widespread scientific, analytical, left-brain point of view from an intuitive and common sense perspective. I am a qualified philosopher, but I do not share the conventional approach inherent to this discipline suffering from cold reductionist intellectual orientation just as much as any other current branch of science. Actually, I am horrified by some contemporary philosophers still denying animals moral status, arguing the way French iconic philosopher René Descartes would have done four centuries ago, doubting that they are able to think or have consciousness. Did they ever get in touch with a real animal? Modern philosophy (I am talking about the non-anglophone European countries) has to come out of it’s ivory tower and take into account knowledge from other fields and sources. I have long since left university, exploring and contemplating the world from different angles. This made me open to insights I would certainly not have had by pursuing a typical academic career. I have become aware of the crucial importance of intuition in my life and in our world. It is our disconnectedness from our natural, ancient, intuitive wisdom that allowed us humans to become perpetrators of cruelty and destruction. Will Tuttle teaches us that Sophia is intuition. And what else is philosophy than the love and the quest for Sophia…?

I am extremely aware of the importance of food in our lives and for our ability to evolve. I believe that our physical matter, which is to a large extent the outcome of our eating habits, is the first thing that an enlightened being takes care of. In my personal journey, after many years of becoming more and more strictly vegetarian, I have eventually adopted a raw vegan life style. I feel that veganism as a diet and an ethical principle best suits my deepest convictions and my compassion for other living beings. I did not really take the decision to go vegan, but let the animals and my intuition be my guide.

As of my writing activity, I have realized that my articles grow on my hard disk or on paper the way plants grow in my garden. Most of them are the result of intuitive writing, which means that I do not sit down and write on a given subject, but thoughts and ideas and insights come to my mind while doing something else and I then feel the need to write them down. Some of these plants are not yet developed, they are only seeds or naked stems, while others have dense foliage and even flowers. Some develop over time with one leaf added every now and then, while others suddenly sprout and become long and mature in a couple of days. I do not always know when they are ripe to be harvested and shared with others. As with real plants, which we eat as seeds, sprouts, grown plants, flowers or fruits, I consider my articles spiritual food in different stages of development. May it be nourishing to others as well!


marlene narrow


In February, 2013,  I completed Dr. Will Tuttle’s World Peace Diet Facilitator training.  Now that I am aware of how our dietary choices have spiritual, global, and societal repercussions, I desire to share my thoughts and feelings in the hope that I may be of help to others on our shared earthly journey.

I am interested in motivating girls and women to open their hearts and eyes to the immense, unnecessary, and hidden violence towards billions of animals, and how this violence is reflected back at us, and, like a boomerang, returns back to us.  We have the power to stop the violence and reverse this cycle, thus enabling all human and non-human animals to live lives filled with freedom, safety, and joy.

For years, while volunteering for various women’s rights, violence prevention, and peace organizations I would join others at the table consuming the secretions and flesh of female animals.  All the while oblivious to the interrelationship of the oppression and terror that was on my plate and what we were committed to eradicating in society.

I am also passionate about race relations, music, animals, and holistic health.  I am an ally of The Sistah Vegan Project and believe that veganism is necessary if we are to truly achieve equality and justice.  I think that when lyricists in the blues, hip-hop, and reggae genres write more songs like “Meat is Murder” (by Morrissey of The Smiths) and “Brown Rice and Broccoli” (by hip-hop artist, letef Vita), we’ll see veganism and compassion go mainstream.  I have experienced that being a vegan has the ability to bring more love into your heart and I feel that at drumming circles the power of the rhythm of the drum will go to higher heights when we give love and go vegan.

My education is in the health sciences and for 30 years I have worked in the holistic health field for humans and animals.  I hope that through my participation in this writers’ collective I might influence all health professionals to expand their circle of compassion so that the ethical care and concern that we nobly give to clients, patients, and companion animals (for example; felines, canines and equines) will expand outwards to all sentient beings, so that we may reach beyond speciesism, racism, and sexism.

I am grateful that I have the opportunity to spend quality time in nature caring for some of New England’s rescued farmed animals.  From them, I have learned that every animal matters.  Every person and peace matter.

May we all care enough to hear and be heard.


veronique perrot


When I was a child, my dad used to keep bunnies in the backyard in large cages and I used to feed them. It never occurred to me that the cute bunnies were the ones ending up on my plate. Like most children, we also had the type of animals called “pets” at home. I grew up with 2 cats which I adored. One was brought to me by my aunt from England, so I attributed to her “English” qualities because I was very much an Anglophile. She was extremely intelligent, very wild and independent and used to disappear for weeks at a time and come back in a disheveled state, usually pregnant. For years, she gave birth (sometime on my bed) and I saw many babies being born then taken away after a few days by my mother who told me she was giving them away.

It wasn’t until many years later that she admitted to having them killed after birth. It broke my heart to find out that, not only my mother had lied to me, but also had someone else take their lives when she could have had Poussy (my cat’s name) fixed to avoid that trauma.

This was among the many things from my childhood which started coming to light after I went Vegan in 2006, once I saw how other animals were treated in agriculture and made the connection with those on my burgers. I became very angry at not knowing the truth earlier (I was 36) and at other people not “getting it” and I had no idea how to channel that anger. I also didn’t know any other Vegans except that there were some on the Internet.

I had been meditating for years before, beginning in my early 20s. At the time, I became Vegetarian but quickly fell off the bandwagon because I didn’t do it for the animals. As a Vegan, I had somehow left meditation behind for the most part until I found The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle in 2011 and became a World Peace Diet Facilitator as a result of reading only 2 chapters of the book.

Will’s book changed me profoundly and the anger, which also woke up the sleeping feminist in me and was uncontrolled, was channeled better and used to become creativity. I resumed writing, something I had not done in years, influenced by Will and other wonderful Vegan authors (like Carol J. Adams, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Gary Francione and many others) as well as past experiences (I used to write a lot of fiction).

I decided to become certified in Plant Based Nutrition through T. Colin Campbell’s foundation because I was a junk food Vegan and became a Holistic Health Coach to better address the needs of others (and with Will’s blessing I might add).

It became clear to me that, in order to address the root cause of Speciesism, people had to understand that eating other animals had nothing to do with our true natures and was absolutely unnecessary. That has become my mission along with doing educational work through my website and through my Facebook page

Every day I am grateful for finding my calling even with the difficulties in spreading the message to deeply conditioned people. I now get messages from non-Vegans telling me they feel inspired to change and that is what this all means.

If a man earnestly seeks a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from animal food.
~ Leo Tolstoy




Madeleine is a visionary artist, wise woman, passionate flutist, and a long-time ethical vegan. Her art and music compassionately and beautifully reflects her love for the animals and nature. Madeleine’s art may be seen on her website or at any of her and her husband Will Tuttle’s events.

Read more about and order Madeleine and Will’s CD, Inspiration: Piano and Flute Adventure.



Michael Lanfield teaches and lectures on the ideas in the best-selling book by Dr. Will Tuttle, The World Peace Diet. Michael is also an author and filmmaker, writing and producing a book and documentary entitled, The Interconnectedness of Life. Since becoming vegan in 2009, organizing events, through social media sites and YouTube, his message has been heard by millions of people. He has volunteered, organized and founded many events and organizations including the Toronto Vegan Expo, TARVE, FARM Pay-Per-View, and Toronto Pig Save, reaching the masses with the vegan message. Michael is also very inspired by the book Peace to all Beings by Judy Carman.

After reading many books like The 80/10/10 Diet and Grain Damage by Dr. Douglas Graham and Destination Eden by Mango Wodzak and following Michael Arnstein and Durianrider on YouTube, Michael incorporated more fruits into his lifestyle. It was a way for him to understand the deeper spiritual and ethical truths of being. In May 2013 he founded the non-profit We Are Interconnected Films to produce educational and enlightening books, films and other media.

He maintains his websites, and his YouTube channel

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