Rescuing. Is this the Answer?

People including vegans (or shallow vegans) believe we need to rescue animals from animal farms, pounds, and shelters. Their main argument is, “What would happen to all the animals if we don’t rescue them? Do we let them all just die?” My position is that rescuing animals still perpetuates the violence and the idea that nonhuman animals are seen as nothing but property. Why are we so fixated on rescuing mainly cats and dogs? Why do we have a fetish for these two animals and not others?

Rescuing animals poses many ethical concerns. For one it maintains the idea that humans need to save all of the other animals and we feel it is our duty to play God. It also holds true that many vegans and other people still view animals as property. No matter how we look at the situation or treat the dogs and cats, the sad thing is they are still property. We feed them, take them for walks, and to the bathroom when we feel best suits us. They work on our terms, on our schedule. Just having a dog on a leash or a cow in an enclosed fenced area is in violation of their freedom.

Again, we feed and care for them when we feel it benefits us. How do we know what is best for the animals, and why do we set the standard? We have this fixation on having other animals around us, especially when it comes to our companion dogs and cats. Another dilemma is that pets are totally dependent on us for food, water, washroom, and walks, and we also take their total freedom away, even if we were to feed them vegan food and let them go outside. If one is not feeding pets vegan food, thousands of other animals, such as cows, chickens, fish, and other euthanized cats and dogs die to feed them. If we let cats go outside, the ethical issue of injury or death to the cat from vehicles or other animals is problematic. Cats also kill thousands of naturally free roaming animals as well. So, for one animal rescued, we may be killing thousands of other animals. It is also not natural for them to either be outdoor or indoor, as they are not natural species. We’ve bred them over time, and it is our responsibility to see that we do not own animals any further, but instead promote a loving, non-judgmental, non-angry, assertive veganism to as many people as we can.

If we don’t plant more loving vegan seeds in others, and get them to see that animals are not property and that we shouldn’t use them for anything, nothing will ever get better on Earth. The problem will persist as long as we continue spending our time, energy, and money on rescuing and breeding animals. If we want humanity to be vegan, we must promote a compassionate vegan life. Just like if we want to win a marathon race, we must focus on the finish line. If we don’t advocate for veganism, who will? And if not now, when?

“Compassion encircles the Earth, for all beings everywhere.”
Worldwide Circle Prayer for Animals

Michael Lanfield is the #1 Amazon best-selling author of The Interconnectedness of Life and The Journey and also the author of The Lost Love and How to Create the Perfect Vegan Life. He is also a vegan advocate, filmmaker, and certified World Peace Diet Facilitator. He has been featured on dozens of FM/AM radio stations, podcasts, various websites, magazines, and media outlets, spreading the vegan message to millions of people around the world. Inspired by Dr. Will Tuttle and Mango Wodzak, his talks are informative, inspiring, and interactive.

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