An Important Message to All Vegans

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This article is for everyone who believes they are vegan or plant-based. Though we can never be sure who is a total vegan, the philosophy of veganism is to cause the least harm whenever possible. And because we are vegan, promoting anything less is not vegan. If we want a vegan world, we must promote veganism; not vegetarianism, free-range, cage-free, organic animal products, human meat/slaughter or anything else to compromise our stance. Our message must be a clear, non-judgmental, positive, and assertive approach to vegan advocacy. Today ‘animal rights’ means nothing, and that is why I do not call myself an animal rights activist, but rather a vegan educator or advocate.

If we truly believe in a vegan world, a loving and caring society for all, we must be as loving and as caring as we possibly can. Not just for nonhuman animals, but also for humans and every other species as well. We must also see love in our enemies, which I go into more in depth in my latest book The Lost Love. Veganism is a social justice movement; we need to accept everyone’s strategies, providing that it is accomplished in a non-violent, non-judgmental, and assertive approach.


The amount of in-fighting is not only widespread in the vegan community, but also in various other social justice movements. We need to love everyone and stop bashing each other within the vegan cause, even if we don’t entirely agree on someone’s tactics. But the message must be a clear, non-judgemental, assertive, and positive vegan message, otherwise, we will not further the cause and get others on board. The moral baseline must be veganism; it is all about love.

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One Response to An Important Message to All Vegans

  • Jele says:

    Thanks for this message and the nice photo! I’m interested in that upcoming book!

    (writing on the german site “KenFM”)

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