“As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.” Leo Tolstoy, author of War and Peacecalves
In this article, I share my thoughts on church barbecues, war crimes, flower beds, and slaughterhouses.  On June 13th, 2015, the International March to Close Down All Slaughterhouses is happening in London, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin & Kassel Germany, Istanbul, Turkey, Brussels, Belgium, Glasgow, Scotland, Delhi, India, Sydney, Australia, and Bern, Switzerland.  My colleague at World Peace Writers, Veronique Perrot, attended the June 6th Marche pour la Fermeture des Abattoirs (March To Close All Slaughterhouses) in Toulouse, France.  (Her photography and videos of this powerful event are available to view on her Facebook page, Your Veg Life’s Vegan Empowerment.)
On Friday, June 12th, I feature the International March To Close Down All Slaughterhouses on my radio show, Vegan Nation, which airs over central Massachusetts on WCUW 91.3 FM, and live-streams worldwide at, every Friday from 12:30 pm to 1 pm (eastern standard time).  Vegan Nation commenced at the beginning of this year; and my first program featured an interview with Dr. Will Tuttle on January 2, 2015.  Other Vegan Nation interviews include my WPW colleagues, Michael Lanfield and Madeleine Tuttle, as well as Kip Anderson, World Peace Diet Facilitator and co-producer of the documentary, Cowspiracy.  Archived Vegan Nation shows can be heard any time at
As the nice weather has (finally!) arrived in New England, I’ve been riding my bicycle throughout local towns. (This fabulous bicycle was recently given to me by my friend and World Peace Writers guest author, Daphne Stevens.  I’ve officially named it “Supreme Master Bike Daphne”.)  On my frequent journeys, I pass numerous Christian churches conducting chicken barbecues. How sad it is that, by participating in chicken barbecues, those devout parishioners and religious leaders are not practicing unconditional Love, and are, in fact, perpetrating violence.  How sad it is that these otherwise noble individuals are under the societal spell of carnist indoctrination, habit, tradition, and addiction.  
Amongst the church barbecues, I also pass numerous sporting clubs and restaurants holding benefits for several neighbors and friends who are dying (or have died) from cancer, cancer, cancer; and what is the main feature at these benefits?  You guessed it: meat raffles, pig roasts, spaghetti & meatballs, and more chicken barbecues.  How sad that these caring, generous folks remain ignorant (unaware, uninformed) of the fact that consuming the organic and/or conventional flesh and bloody secretions of others is the #1 cause of cancer.  (See PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) and The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell.)Butterfly-Wallpaper-on-Sunflower
Also on my bike-riding journeys I’ve seen hundreds of gardeners tending to their lovely flowers.  As I enjoy the beauty of those flowers, I think, “Animals are here like flowers, to color our world, cheer our day, and to enjoy their days.”  How horrified the gardeners (and all of us) would be if some one were to destroy their beautiful flower beds – their treasured creation.  Yet that’s exactly what carnists (pre-vegans) do when they attack and kill non-human animals, simply to satisfy their lust for bloody secretions and dead flesh.  My heart fills with sorrow as I realize that every minute, every second, billions, literally trillions, of beautiful animals are suffering horribly, globally and locally, at the hands of otherwise ethical, compassionate people.  That suffering is inflicted in many ways through animal agriculture, livestock auctions (two in Massachusetts held every Tuesday), and slaughterhouses (several in my state). 
I use the term “bloody secretions” because eggs are the menstrual (ovulatory) secretions, unfertilized ova, of hens.  As most Vegans know, because male chicks will never ovulate, the newly hatched male chicks are immediately and mercilessly exterminated, including those hatched at organic, free-range, and local egg facilities.  Bloody secretions also include dairy products because dairy is breast milk, which is a derivative of blood – nature’s perfect transition food from life inside mothers’ wombs to life outside mothers’ wombs and then, naturally, all mammals are weaned.  As most Vegans know, dairy goats, sheep (origin of feta cheese), and dairy cows’ newborns are abducted and murdered so that the mothers’ lactation secretions can be commodified and consumed by humans.  (Bull calves are murdered immediately or within 4 months of their birth; and heifers are murdered when they can no longer ovulate and lactate.)  To see these beautiful, innocent animals, young and old, at livestock auctions, rendering plants, and slaughterhouses is heartbreaking. Vegan Publishers
Through the writings of Will Tuttle, I’ve learned about The Boomerang Effect – that which humanity does to the animal kingdom (queendom) boomerangs back to us.  The pain, terror, trauma, and agony that patriarchal herding cultures, worldwide, cause to non-human animals returns to us, reflecting our own actions.  The real-life horror stories, past and present, about the suffering of children, women, and men, especially in war-torn communities, as well as the insanity of nuclear weaponry, is but one example of The Boomerang Effect.  This VegInspiration message by Dr. Will Tuttle clearly explains it – “Teaching abuse, creating abusers: Compelling our children to eat animal foods gives birth to the “hurt people hurt people” syndrome. Hurt people hurt animals without compunction in daily food rituals. We will always be violent toward each other as long as we are violent toward animals—how could we not be? We carry the violence in our stomachs, in our blood, and in our consciousness.  Covering it up and ignoring it doesn’t make it disappear. The more we pretend and hide it, the more, like a shadow, it clings to us and haunts us. The human cycle of violence is the ongoing projection of this shadow.”
The good news is that we can change the massive amount of suffering and insanity into a sane, benevolent global culture. Veganism is the first, necessary step; and closing down all slaughterhouses is a good start.   I’d like to say thanks to all the Vegan peeps who are walking the talk of creating a healthy, better, peaceful, and sustainable world.  You bring power, joy, and hope.   Ride on!  March on!  Dance on!  Walk on! 
Marlene Ahimsa Nareau 
June 11, 2015


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