Vegan hand made tortillas!

Hand made fresh vegan tortillas.


By Madeleine Tuttle

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2 Responses to Vegan hand made tortillas!

  • Tara says:

    Madeleine! Thank you! I often have this dilemma in the grocery store when trying to buy wraps. No non-organic corn or soy, no palm oil, no soybean oil or fibers. There are hardly any products made the way I like them. How perfect and simple you make tortillas and wraps. I also don’t like to fry so the ceramic pan is an excellent idea and a great solution. Thank you!!

  • Jele says:

    It was very much fun to listen ans look to the interviw and the cooking! thank you very much!Now we will try our first tortillas without any fat! And it was the first time, we saw those lovely animals coming near to the people without any fear but with full trust! ! I saw it with tears in my eyes! Tank You for being alive! Jele

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