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For more than four years, since I started writing, I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. I knew I had to tell my story of awakening. The animals were my inspiration and they taught me that I needed to share the message. It is their message; their cries, their fear and their blood, but it is also a message of love, compassion and kindness. I felt the urge to start a blog and website and eventually sit down and write a book. I really did not know where this was going to take me, but I knew my message had to be heard.

Along the way I met some beautiful and inspiring people. Their stories were always heart-warming and telling, but it was the animals that propelled me to do what I do today. After all they are the ones being butchered alive for our gluttony, all for the taste and pleasure. Is this all really worth it, their blood and death on our hands?


It is true, what farmers and slaughterhouse workers go through all day long, abusing and killing animals, haunts them in their dreams. And on top of that, the drug, spousal and sexual abuse is rampant in their lives and they spread it within their community.

I envision a world of peace. I see paradise on Earth. My realization after years of experience, researching and learning of Mother Earth’s teachings, I can say I am more aware and present than I’ve ever been in my 32 years of living. I can attest now I know more, of course there are still a lot to learn, but I can attest that it is the cries of the animals, mostly for the meals we prepare and consume, that really gave me a purpose in my life. It lead me to seeing and feeling myself in others. It gave me the courage to speak out for the voiceless, and to spread loving-kindness and awaken the love in everyone.

I truly believe, as humans, we are born loving and caring. Ever since we were little children, the love and compassion that was innate in us has been hidden and suppressed. We’ve been programmed since little infants by our culture and all institutions to not feel any love and compassion for others especially non-human animals. There is a hierarchy, where we believe humans are superior to all others, and the Caucasian race being the most superior and then other human beings following down the line. Next down the list, comes women and then non-human animals such as cats and dogs. Down the pyramid, we see wild animals as less important, following with farm animals at the bottom of the list. Somewhere in between, we also see the domination of plant species. We see this as a circle of life. But it is not a circle of life at all. It is a pyramid of hierarchy and domination of other living beings.


We are all interconnected. And because of this, we need to heal our own wounds if we are to heal the wounds in others. Just like we can’t love others, if we don’t love ourselves first. The Interconnectedness of Life is just that, we need to visualize a world of paradise. We need to heal our wounds and scars and envision a world truly at peace. Violence cannot exist in a peaceful world. No violence of any sort.

“As a teenager and young adult I questioned everything. I wondered if this was the way we were supposed to live. I didn’t understand why there was so much violence all around us; why humans were destroying the environment and how we were disrespectful to animals. I started meditating as a young adult, trying to understand. I saw documentary films and did research on the Internet, but I just couldn’t understand. Though I always went back to the photo of the bear in the muzzle beside me at the circus and wondered, how on Earth could anyone commit such atrocity to an innocent creature? And funny enough, there I was consuming animal products without a single worry in the world. I did not understand that I was the problem and that I needed to change my habits.”
– Michael Lanfield, Excerpt taken from the book The Interconnectedness of Life


I was to blame, but now I can be a force for healing. For the first twenty-six years of my life I paid people to kill innocent creatures, who did absolutely nothing to us, and they deserve to live free of any exploitation and use.

As Will Tuttle, PhD mentioned in an interview,
“Even animal foods, no matter where they come from, whether it’s hunting, I mean hunting is probably the least harmful, but as soon as we own animals, as soon as we have any sense of ownership, property. Owning another being is violence. Actually it’s a delusion; we do not own another living being.”


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“The Interconnectedness of Life articulates in an uplifting and engaging way the many correspondences between vegan living and building a healthier world. Michael Lanfield weaves stories from his personal journey of transformation together with the latest research on nutrition and ecology. To this he adds a judicious selection of wise words from sages of many times and places. The result is a literary banquet that is sure to inspire and guide readers to greater compassion, clarity, health, and understanding. Highly recommended.”
– Dr. Will Tuttle, Author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book The World Peace Diet

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3 Responses to The Interconnectedness of Life – The Book

  • josie Konstantini says:

    You said it, we are all closely interconnected.

    Well done, Michael. You have worked hard to achieve this. All the best on your future endeavors !

    Thanks much

    Josie K.

  • Marlene says:

    Michael, merci!

    This piece (peace) is beautiful. Reading it brought tears to my eyes, yet a feeling of power, hope, and faith that each day more and more people will embrace veganism so that we can actually co-create a world of safety and joy for all human beings and other-than-human beings. Like you said, the trauma, terrorism, fear, depression, anxiety, and pain that humanity inflicts upon the animals then boomerangs back to humanity, here and there, sooner or later. So… we continue to diligently work, internally and externally, so that children, animals, men, and women worldwide can live free, healthy, and happy lives on a sustainable, abundant planet.

    Congratulations on your book! The cover is beautiful and inviting. I look forward to reading The Interconnectedness of Life!

    Love, Marlene

  • Tara says:

    Congratulations Michael on your journey and your new book. Thank you for freeing your voice to speak for the freedom of the animals. God bless …

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