Madeleine’s Plum-Zucchini Strudel

A fresh new way of cooking a vegan strudel.


By Madeleine Tuttle

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8 Responses to Madeleine’s Plum-Zucchini Strudel

  • Marlene says:

    Thank you, Madeleine and Will!

    Your cooking video is inspiring and very enjoyable. You bring a breath of fresh air, true beauty, and hope to this world and all the Beings within.

    Love, Marlene

  • Peacewriter says:

    Hi everyone, if I may shed some light on this style of cooking. Madeleine teaches Intuitive Cooking and it is exactly that. A dash of guidance, a bunch of food, and a pan. As a long-time cook I find you can probably not make any serious mistakes when you don’t have the exact recipe.

    So how do you develop your intuition? Maybe get into the flow before beginning by meditating or taking a walk, keep her video close by and make sure you have all the ingredients and a similar pan. If, when the recipe is complete and your masterpiece is ready to eat, maybe you can adjust the flavorings a little then.

    Most important, have fun and project love. Ask yourself, is a teaspoon too much or is a tablespoon too much? For you, you will probably get the right answer. Don’t stress if you don’t yet have a grain grinder, we can still buy flour at the store. It is something to hope for though!

    Ask me if you have specific questions or perhaps can’t hear the directions properly. Have fun!

  • justanthropology says:

    Will and Madeleine:
    I love you both -Your advocacy and education to help us understand our relationship to sentient beings and our world is so so important. Thankyou.

    This strudel, however, given no measurements, no temperature instructions along with peddling pans and a flour grinder – very frustrating.
    Please write down important details for making what appears to be a lovely dessert. Thank you.

  • Verna says:

    Dear Madeleine, I love watching the cooking stations when I go to exercise. But unfortunately the “food network” does not have even one raw/vegan/ or even vegetarian show! You would make a wonderful cooking show for us vegetarians! I was very impressed with how you were teaching us and using the video as a medium is very interesting! Please let me know when you will be having another cooking show.
    Also, please tell me about those interesting pans you used?
    Gratefully, Verna from Salinas, California

  • The salt is, like himalayan millions of years old and closer to ship, since it’s from Utah.

    I’m just recycling kombucha bottles, for the drinks created in our own kitchen (watch the other videos)
    Better for the environment.


    Don’t have the recepe written down.
    Also it wouldn’t have any measurements.
    Sorry about that

  • Mary says:

    Thank you! Lovely!

  • Is the recipe written down anywhere, so I can print it out?
    I’m hard of hearing, and need it in that form.

  • I very much enjoyed your video of the recipe.
    I see the package of salt you used, and it looks just like the one I have which is called Real Salt and is from Utah, USA.
    I’m hard of hearing, but heard you mention Himalayan salt, which Dr. Mercola testifies is the best kind of salt to use.
    I hadn’t realized that Real Salt is Himalayan salt (or is that not what you said?) or is it just LIKE Himalayan salt?
    Anyway, thank you for the recipe and all the information.
    Do you have a website that sells the grinder and other tools?
    I see the clear glass bottle on the right, which looks like kombucha, which I love and buy at the hfs in a bottle like that.

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