Unconditional Love

If we want to live in a world of kindness and love, why do we toil with that which only parishes? Why don’t we instead create a world of love? Love is the key to ending the oppression and suffering that we are plagued with. Unconditional love is the answer. We need to love the birds, the trees, the soil, the stars and clouds, our fellow humans and all beings. We need to love Mother Earth as she is the heart and soul of this planet. She takes care and nourishes us with her sweet delectable fruits of the earth. She is a wonderful breathtaking beauty of multitude of colours. Animals are magnificent beautiful creatures with their own lives and drives and deserve just as much right to be here on this planet as anyone else.

We are biologically all the same. We have feelings, drives and purposes to fulfill and we need love. Everyone with their own genetics and life experiences, feel and behave differently. At this very moment our thoughts and views of others can have a negative or a positive impact on the lives of others. We don’t know what’s going on in people’s minds, at least not yet, but we can control our thoughts and feelings to affect our situations and the people around us.

While I see many people negatively affected by other people’s actions, I believe this has to do with their own thoughts. I believe our purpose on this planet is that of unconditional love for all beings. We must embrace a circle of compassion and include everyone in our sphere of love. When we love everyone, the love radiates back to us in countless positive ways. When we hate or are indifferent to others, it brings out the worst in us and it boomerangs back to us in negative ways.


What I’ve learned over the years about loving everyone unconditionally has helped my life more than ever. As I see it, when you love everyone more and more, even people who don’t see eye to eye with you, a more harmonious relationship becomes of us. Just like we are becoming better beings by loving, they do as well. There is a beautiful example of this in the book Peace to all Beings, by Judy Carman.

“A thief entered the cottage of Pavahari Baba to steal what he could. When Pavahari Baba returned home and saw the thief, he ran after him offering more, pleading with him to come back and get all that he needed. In awe of the response, the thief never stole again and became a disciple of Pavahari.” (Carman, Judy McCoy. Peace to All Beings: Veggie Soup for the Chicken’s Soul. New York, NY: Lantern, 2003. Page 111. Print.)

We can see that when we love and freely give out of kindness, we in turn spiritually heal and awaken to the mysterious wonders and beauty of the world and awaken the beauty in others. This is the true innate gift instilled in all of us. As little children we are taughtto be kind, loving and generous, but as we get older, we selfishly compete with one another, disconnecting from our innate wisdom of kindness and compassion.


I don’t see enemies in anyone. I treat everyone as I’d like to be treated, with love and kindness. Even the so-called ‘enemies’, I don’t see as enemies. I forgive and send out all my love to them. What good does it do to be hatful towards someone who doesn’t see eye to eye or share the same viewpoints? Even those who commit violence need all our love. A part of them is unawakened; they’re still part of the cultural programming. In a way, we are their teachers, loving and guiding them to higher consciousness. We can’t heal ourselves when we are not healing others.

As guardians of the Earth, our job is to care, protect and love one another. Our actions and thoughts are what shape the world we live in today.

As Dr. Will Tuttle says in The World Peace Diet,

“As we realize our interconnectedness with all living beings, our purpose naturally becomes to help and bless others, and it is a role we can carry without burnout or anger. The terrible suffering we see may certainly disturb and outrage us, but the outrage turns to compassion and creativity rather than to anger, despair, or vindictiveness. Rising above anger and despair while still keeping our hearts open to the ocean of cruelty, indifference, and suffering on this earth is not easy. It requires cultivating wisdom and compassion – both the inner silent receptivity that links us to the eternal truth of our being and the outer actions of serving and helping others that give meaning to our life. By creating an inner field of peace, kindness, joy, and unity, we contribute to building a planetary field of compassion that reflects this consciousness. A positive approach is essential because it mobilizes our spiritual resources, generates enthusiasm, and brings more joy and love into our world. In the end, as Mahatma Gandhi emphasized, we must be the change we want to see in the world.”

Much love,
Michael Lanfield

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4 Responses to Unconditional Love

  • jele Votava says:

    Peacewriter! Thank You for Your Comment. The first part of the poem is a real children-verse I don’t remember where from – it has been blown to me like by the wind and it remained in my Head for a long time till one day I completed it by myself.

  • jele Votava says:

    Thank You, Michael! Always when I read such deep from heart coming clear messages from another person of this planet, I become stronger and loose fear! Now all people have to learn to follow directly the path of their their hearts .

    What kind of shoes did the angels wear?
    They didn’t wear none cause they walk on the air!
    If You walk on the ground now
    How could You do
    As no more an angel but still with no shoe?

  • Marlene says:

    Thank you for this beautiful article. In addition to your compassionate message, the photographs that you’ve included instill peace, joy, hope, and power. Unconditional Love – that’s it in a nutshell.

    It’s a pleasure to re-read Judy’s work and Will’s words as well. Merci, Michael!

    Sincerely, Marlene

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