Toronto Slaughterhouse to Close Down


A hard but gruelling mission, Toronto Pig Save has been at the forefront of a battle since they started bearing witness of the pigs in transport trucks back in 2011. Located at 677 Wellington St. West and 2 Tecumseth St. in Toronto, Canada, Quality Meat Packers Ltd. and Toronto Abattoirs Ltd., is home to one of the largest pig slaughterhouses in Ontario slaughtering some 6000 pigs daily.




According to The Globe and Mail, “Prices for live pigs have shot up by about 45 per cent this year as a virus has spread to 6,000 U.S. farms and killed millions of piglets. Traders in Chicago set the price for hogs by Canadian slaughterhouses, which have also been pinched by inexpensive imported meat and a lower Canadian currency. The price paid by Ontario pig processors has climbed to about $280 from $160 in the past year.”

Last year Quality Meat Packers ceased slaughtering pigs on Fridays, from 5 days to 4 days of production. I was told it was due to the demand for pork products. Today Quality Meat Packers will move towards closing the abattoir leaving 750 workers unemployed. David Schwartz, part of the Schwartz family who owns Quality Meat Packers and Toronto Abattoirs Ltd. also owns Great Lakes Specialty Meats of Canada in Mitchell, Ontario. Producers have also been withholding pigs at that location, until payment has been guaranteed.




Instead of laying off the hundreds of workers at Quality Meat Packers, owners like David Schwartz could produce analogue type meat products or plant-based milks which are a booming sector in the food market. He could also start gardens and greenhouses growing organic fruits and vegetables, feeding a hungry world. There is no need to create jobs of mass killing, there is a need for wholesome organic foods and creating jobs that of love, growing foods and tending to the Earth is a possibility.

I am extremely grateful to the volunteers, activists and co-founder Anita Krajnc for their amazing dedication to the cause. Like the many activists, I also took part in bearing witness on many occasions at both Toronto Pig Island and Quality Meat Packers slaughterhouse where I first saw animals being transported and slaughtered. Before that I had no idea there was even a slaughterhouse in my neighbourhood.




Toronto Pig Save started as a grass-roots movement in December 2010 after Anita Krajnc adopted a dog named Mr. Bean. In 2011 Toronto Pig Save started bearing witness of pigs transported in trucks and killed at the slaughterhouse. In late 2012 they founded a sister group Toronto Cow Save and in July 2013, another sub-group, Toronto Chicken Save. Today The Save Movement is now a worldwide movement with cities such as Burlington, Hamilton, Guelph, Windsor, London, Montreal, Brandon, Vancouver and Lethbridge, in Canada; New York City, Huron (South Dakota), Pennsylvania, Indiana, and North Carolina in the USA; and Melbourne in Australia now organizing events.




I became a vegan more than 5 years ago for ethical reasons for the animals. I no longer wanted to be a part of the systemic violence towards animals for food. But when I started bearing witness, looking into the eyes of the animals, I knew I had to do more for them. No longer did I want to work in useless jobs that did nothing to help the planet or animals; I had to spread the vegan message to as many people as I could. It is urgent that everyone bears witness to the atrocities happening to animals on a massive scale. We can then make changes, not by legislation or buying into all the humane, happy meat gimmicks, but by becoming vegan and eliminating all animal products from our lives and spreading the message to others.

Even though this is only one of the millions of slaughterhouses and farms to shut down, nonetheless it is an indication that global consciousness is spreading. People are making the connection to their food choices and what they put in their mouths. More people are awakening to the cruelty behind bacon, eggs, milk and honey. I believe the only time we will ever see a heavenly world is when we stop using and killing animals for food. It’s that simple. No more can we justify the cruel and unnecessary practise of animal agriculture. No matter how nicely animals are treated, their products will still be stolen from them and they will be killed when their production declines. The babies will still be inevitable stolen from their mothers and the males usually killed at birth; it is a cycle of violence that is mostly hidden away from view of the consumer.


“As long as we remain, at core, a culture that sees animals merely as commodities and food, there is little hope for our survival.” ‒ Will Tuttle, PhD, Author of The World Peace Diet

Much love,
Michael Lanfield

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7 Responses to Toronto Slaughterhouse to Close Down

  • Will Tuttle says:

    This is terrific news – thanks Michael for not only documenting it, but also participating in helping to raise awareness about the inherent and completely unnecessary cruelty in the ongoing killing of pigs (and other animals) and also video documenting the whole thing for the general public to see on YouTube. I remember well my time participating in the Toronto PigSave action by this very slaughterhouse, and seeing the pigs crammed in the trucks, in their fear and misery at human hands. Let’s keep on plugging away!

  • Tara says:

    Bravo! Brava! More than 1 million lives saved per year. All beings and the earth breathe a sigh of relief. I am so proud and grateful for your work Michael and all. ♡

  • Chrissy Shunda says:

    Thank you for all of your hardwork! BRAVO!

  • ron thomas says:

    this is great news we are getting away from KILLING innocent animals to ORGANIC produce….

  • Deborah Diego says:

    So very pleased to hear this wonderful news. A step in the right direction. A lot more work ahead of us but the word is definitely getting around. Yes, let’s stop the violence of the slaughterhouse!

  • Do I stith says:

    I pray slaughterhouse will out of business to close . Pls stop stop slaughter to murder all cows , pigs , chickens and turkeys that’s enough .

  • Amy says:

    I’m not sure if there’s a correlation being drawn between Toronto Pig Save and the closing of the slaughterhouse, but the truth is that they would have closed anyway and, according to the Globe and Mail article, they’re leaving behind $70 million in outstanding debt; in other words, they’ve essentially pocketed that money.

    Also, Toronto Pig Save was inspired by activist Gwen Dunlop who’d been holding silent vigils at QMP for quite a while before Anita first encountered her. In fact, Gwen was an integral part of the initial start-up of TPS. It’s unfortunate that her initial inspiration and assistance with the group has been actively suppressed in order to satisfy Anita’s ego, and quest for power.


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