The Interconnectedness of Life


For the past decade I’ve been thinking if this was the way we were supposed to live. I knew there was something terribly wrong with the state of the world. I seen a lot of violence in documentary films, on the news and on the Internet, but I didn’t realize it had a lot to do with my food choices. Subconsciously I had absolutely no awareness of “who I was” or “the meaning of life”. And I think not many people do. As I started learning and doing research I came across the film Sharkwater in 2007, and for me that was an eye opener. Sharkwater is a film about one man’s life in saving the oceans and the horrific shark fining industry. But I still couldn’t understand why humans were so destructive.

A year later stumbling across PETA’s website I found some disturbing footage of farmed animals and baby seals being slaughtered which opened up a part in me. In 2009 after eating shrimp, I was hospitalized for serious food poisoning. I kept on asking myself, “If this was the way we were really supposed to me living”, and “What is the meaning of life?” I felt lost and I didn’t know where to turn. But a few weeks later, it was like nothing I had experienced; I had finally awakened. It was one sunny afternoon looking out the window, when a voice called out to me. I finally understood what my purpose was, and why I was put on this planet.

“If I profess to love animals and the planet, why was I still consuming animal foods?”


I felt like a hypocrite! At that moment I vowed never to consume animal foods, because I understood the immense cruelty involved in consuming them. I had awakened to the true realization of the interconnectedness of all life. I felt connected to the trees, to the sky and all the animals. Not only did I refrain from eating them, I also dedicated my life to being a voice for them. I finally realized I was not alone, when I met compassionate people who just like me, loved animals and wanted to help protect them.


I have a dream, that one day all the killing will stop; the killing of man, the killing of Mother Earth and most importantly the killing of animals. Love is the answer and veganism is the solution. No more can we argue that veganism can indeed save the world. A revolution can not happen until we all stop eating all animals and become vegan activists, ourselves.

Much love,
Michael Lanfield

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