Lets talk about the weather

-16 Fahrenheit, a windchill of minus 34. Cars frozen solid to the ground. Memphis 20 degrees colder than Anchorage. Whether it is global warming or anything else, if it continues we have a pattern developing. Someone wise once told me that the way you predict the future is by looking at the present.

So lets look at this present. Employees unable to get to their work place, small business and corporations alike are closed. City services are either stopped or over worked. Fuel costs for heating are higher and the ability to even feed one’s family becomes difficult even if you have the money  and could get to the store.

At what point do people and business decide it simply isn’t worth it. When would the migration begin? I see that there is already thought in this direction.

So what do we do? Run and hide to where it is warm and leave the cold zone to wither and die?

We have a better idea though, a revolutionary idea. Nip it in the bud as they say down south. Pull that weed by the root. Lets get to the healing.

We all know the cause. We are overusing and abusing our natural resources and injecting what is unnatural where there should be wholeness and balance.

Mother nature will throw off and reject what doesn’t please her. She is very logical, does as she pleases, and is temperamental when things aren’t right.

Causality, cause and effect. We are taught to look the other way, keep silent says the voice of who knows better than you. Yet you know something isn’t right, you know this ride can’t go on forever, we have to begin to give back.

Do this one thing, remove all or most of the animal flesh and secretions from your plate.

Speaking of the animals. They are in the cages, corrals, sheds and tubs of our making with no escape from the winter cold. I watched a news report of a rancher who could do nothing to help her cattle. Yet the solution was simple to observe. Are they not worth a tarp to place over their shed?

Rather than be angry or judgmental, I must show compassion for the rancher as well as the cow. Perhaps there is no money for a tarp. I must be part of the solution, compassion is what I want to feel. I must help.

Expression of a negative outcome, is that, a negative outcome.
Balancing the definition of the cause with a solution, helps some.
Taking action is the best, the only healer we have, that will help everyone.

So, before you sit down to your next meal or grab a bite to go, please think of them.

Because them are us. You see.

Tara Gardner 1/2014

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2 Responses to Lets talk about the weather

  • Tara says:

    Marlene! Thank you for this article. I highly recommend it, every is paragraph full of revealing wisdom. I especially like this:

    … haven’t we already advanced our thinking to at least the level of the wisdom of the ancients, including many of Canada’s original First Nations, whereby we can now look at Earth’s life from above to realise it is one and interconnected whole, where all species of life on Earth support one another and in turn are supported by One Earth?

  • Marlene says:

    Thank you, Tara, for a very important, insightful, and loving article. You are a solutionary!

    Your understanding of the connection of extreme weather to global climate breakdown caused by “overusing and abusing our natural resources and injecting what is unnatural where there should be wholeness and balance” reminds me of an article I just read by Thomas Esakin. He makes the connection of the flooding in Alberta and Toronto, Canada (summer, 2013) to Climate Change. Here is a link to his article: http://sustaindev.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/human-life-is-not-life-itself/
    I also read on Esakin’s blog, “When will we ever learn”, sang Pete Seeger, “When…will…we…ever…learn.”

    Tara, I like how you closed your article, “Because them are us. You see.” Thanks to you, Will Tuttle, and some other wise souls, I now see.

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