Swiss Gratima for St. Nicholas Day


By Madeleine Tuttle

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3 Responses to Swiss Gratima for St. Nicholas Day

  • Veronique says:

    Oh I loved this video and it made me deliciously hungry. I have never heard of Gratima before, that is nice to discover. Thanks Madeleine.

  • Hi Stefani surched to find out what Graetima means.
    Some where I detected ” bon homme”…
    If you know more, i’m interested to learn.
    And thank you for watching the video and sending a feedback.

  • Stefan Gutwin says:

    Madeleine, I have just discovered your nice video and wanted to tell you how much it reminded me of the pre-Christmas traditions from my childhood in Bavaria. We also celebrate St. Nicholas Day with oranges and nuts and small gifts for family and friends, but I cannot remember having a special pastry on this day, although it seems to be widespread in other parts of Germany, too. I do remember Gingerbread men, which are sugary. I understand the “ma” meaning “man”, what does the first part of the word mean? Anyway, it is an excellent idea to create a vegan version, and one can very well see that you are an artist by the sophisticated way you are designing your little bread girl. 🙂

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