Spiraling Onward to the Roots!

Madeleine Tuttle visionary artist Seeing some wild turkeys roaming around here, not far away, and marveling at their beautiful nature, their unfortunate sisters, the so-called “farm” turkeys suddenly popped up in my mind.

Did we ever question the authenticity of our holiday dinners? Did the Indians and early settlers perhaps celebrate the harvest in a different way? What about the Three Sisters: squash, corn and beans? How actually did the turkey come into play? And why do we need to add a killed bird on our festive table? Would it be possible to celebrate together, leaving out this enormous cruelty?

French culinary traditions play a big part in the presentation of our food. One essential principle: there must be a centerpiece. There are a few vegan ideas, like stuffing a pumpkin, or choosing among the many non-cruel alternatives. Maybe a Tofurkey, or a Field-roast. Or make it more a heart-felt, free-form celebration, and less an indoctrinated form-addicted affair.

Deep down it certainly feels better.

We can start today and make our own food choices: for the happiness of all beings.

Happy Holidays throughout the whole year!



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