Eve Was Framed: A loving tribute to women and girls

Miriam of Magdala Artwork by Therese Nielson

Miriam of Magdala
Artwork by Therese Nielson

In this article, I share my thoughts about history, women, spirituality, and veganism.  It was enlightening when I learned that in our pre-history, pre-patriarchy, our ancestors, who originated in Africa, were organized in communities that were peaceful, plant-based, egalitarian, cooperative, and co-existed in non-violent ways with nature and animals. Fruit and nut trees, plants and berries, as well as cultivated vegetables and grains were abundant and available to all.

My guess is that the Fall from this paradise was caused when a man betrayed the sacred trust and ahimsa (non-violence) by killing an animal and eating his flesh, rather than by a woman eating fruit from a fruit tree.  Eve was framed.

Man’s violation of ahimsa created a paradigm shift from a world of trust and harmonious relationships with all into a warring, predatory culture.  The unfortunate outcome of this shift includes the predacity of children and women, systematic exploitation of people and nature, and the present-day threat of nuclear war.

We can initiate a new paradigm by relinquishing the global practice of killing animals and abjuring cultural habits and traditions of eating their dead flesh.  With so many people becoming conscientious and compassionate, a tipping point will be created.  Veganism is essential to restore universal freedom and peace.

In the United States, every day, 75 million animals are herded and killed.  It’s all unnecessary, and it’s all hidden.  Spiritually, we’ve been taught: “Thou shall not kill” and “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is a Golden Fact – what we do to ‘others’  will be done to us — all of us, sooner or later. In one way or another, our actions are reflected back like a mirror, and returned to us like a boomerang.  Animals qualify as ‘others’ because they possess sentience and consciousness.  They desire to be free, protect their young, and enjoy life.  They, like us, seek community and instinctively avoid injury and death.  When we enslave and harm animals for research or to eat them, we harm ourselves. The sooner we stop this violence, the better, for us and future generations.

The string theory of quantum physics and its recent discovery of the “God particle” scientifically explains the spiritual teachings of “as we sow, we reap.” Consciousness is present within all creation, and we’re all interconnected.  Will Tuttle states,

The light of the infinite spiritual source of all life shines in all creatures.  When we see and recognize this light in others, we free both them and ourselves.

We are one, intertwined Consciousness; and animals are here like flowers –  to color our world, cheer our day and… enjoy theirs.

Children are Natural Herbivores

When a bunny is placed onto the lap of a small child, the child’s instinct is not to kill, tear open and eat his flesh; we are not naturally carnivores.  It has been indoctrinated into us, generation after generation.  Children enjoy orchards, gardens and berry patches; but are horrified in slaughterhouses with their merciless killing, terrifying sights and screams, pleading cries and bloody stench.

We attempt to shield children from this truth of where their food comes from, and we try to deny it ourselves by hiding the abomination behind closed doors. However, we are still responsible and can’t escape the consequential, retaliatory terror, fear, pain and suffering that returns in the forms of violence, disease, addiction and war, personally and empathetically experienced in this lifetime or the next.

With the heart and eyes of a child, we see the wonder and splendor of Life – the God in all.  With this in mind, let’s return to our roots and stop killing others; let’s eat apples, plants, and berries…

Let’s stop farming animals. Farmed animals differ only in the fact that they’re confined before they are attacked and killed.  Let’s stop exploiting and enslaving female animals to confiscate their mammary and menstrual (ovulatory) secretions. Let’s stop stealing their newborn calves and kids, so their breast milk can be sold.  Let’s stop breeding females just to abduct, torture, and kill their children.

Let’s stop purchasing their flesh and secretions.

When all this began

In The World Peace Diet, Dr. Will Tuttle explains that 10,000 years ago, in what is now northern Iraq, men started herding animals –  first with sheep, then throughout the centuries, extending the terror to include goats and then cattle. (The flesh of pigs was the preference in ancient Egypt.)  When the herding culture initiated this domination and enslavement of animals, the once egalitarian relationship between the races and sexes followed suit.  Soon after, women and other tribes were also objectified; reduced from autonomous subjects who were free, to objects to be used. A mentality of superiority, elitism, privilege, and domination is the trademark of the herding culture.

Although billions of people from all faiths, and peace and social justice activists from all countries, for centuries, have been praying and working for peace, liberty, and justice, these still elude us because of the cultural indoctrination to hide, dismiss and ignore our horrifying and relentless violence towards animals, and to believe that this violence carries no consequences.  This is the missing peace (missing piece) in our quest for harmony and non-violence. When we extend our circle of compassion to include all sentient beings, we lead the way to personal, societal and global recovery.

Mary Magdalene, Essene

Another ‘official’ story that, in my opinion, has been co-opted (like Eve’s saga) involves a tale I was told about a prostitute. Two thousand years ago, a woman in an Essene encampment in Ethiopia gave birth to a girl, Mariam of Magdala, commonly known as Mary Magdalene, who would become a prophet and the partner of Jesus Christ.  The Essenes held a vegan tradition in accordance with their devout practice of unconditional Love, compassion and non-violence.  If this truth had been revealed, I think that our world would have been and would be much different…much better.

Had the Gospel of Mary Magdalene received the same attention and notoriety as the gospels written by men, I believe, that during the following centuries, females would have experienced less subjugation and much more respect. Mary’s message of compassion for all Life might have been influential, and girls and “women’s lot” might not have continued to endure so much suffering.

We might have seen the reflection that what we do to female animals is then also done to women and girls — the assumption that women are property, commodities to be bought and sold by men; the notion that its normal to exploit females for their sexual anatomy and physiology; or the idea that breaking up and separating families is inconsequential.  As we’ve taken away animals’ freedom, our freedom and time and ability to explore, enjoy and create has also been taken away, especially for millions of women bound or enslaved to tiring, unhealthy, menial jobs, imprisonment, and addictions.

Mary Magdalene honored the Creator as both Mother and Father, bringing balance and renewed reverence for the Sacred Feminine and Intuition.  Her message is meaningful and is heard by many today. Periodically, prophets arrive to remind us “Thou shall not kill.”

Brilliant Light

Five years ago, a vegan African-American woman, Ms. Alfee Westgroves, originally from Mississippi, influenced me the most to make the significant leap from vegetarianism to veganism. She has been vegan since 2002 and her two children have been vegan since conception.  Alfee embodies the philosophy of veganism with brilliant Light, Beauty, and Knowledge.

Breeze and her daughter, Eva Luna

Breeze and her daughter,
Eva Luna

Compassionate, wise, powerful Black women will change the world.  On September 14th, 2013, Breeze Harper, author of Sistah Vegan, and founder of the Sistah Vegan Project held a webinar titled, “Sistah Vegan Conference: Embodied and Critical Perspectives on Veganism by Black Women and Allies.”

In this very important and phenomenal 8-hour conference, practical information, insightful knowledge, and ageless wisdom is shared by the nine presenters, and by the several guests who participated in the open discussion: Why I Relinquished the Gospel Bird and Became a Vegan: Girls and Women of African Descent Share Their Reasons for Choosing Veganism. Dr. Harper concluded the conference with the message that our awareness of intersectionality is necessary; and in the words of Candace M. Laughinghouse; we can live, and influence others to live “a courageous, healing lifestyle that is conscious of all creation.”

I highly recommend supporting Dr. Aimee Breeze Harper’s Sistah Vegan Project. Her pioneering work reminds me of the success of Dr. Wangari Maathai of Kenya and her Green Belt Movement.  Because of her tireless, committed efforts, Wangari’s Green Belt Movement actively spread to other countries around the globe. The Sistah Vegan Project will have this same sustainability-building, life-saving impact  Here is a link to the Wangari Maathai Tribute Film (CIFORVideo, 7 minutes)

It’s taken over 400 years in the United States for African-Americans and all women to gain rights and respect. The spirit of Life always moves towards healing, whether it’s in community, or in the physical body (for example, a laceration in the skin will naturally heal.)  Through evolution, now speciesism, like racism and sexism, is finding its path to healing.

In the World Peace Diet Facilitator training, we explore the unrecognized connections between our culturally mandated meals and our broad range of psychological, social, spiritual, health and environmental problems.  Although veganism is not a sole panacea, I believe it’s one of the most effective steps we can take in our daily lives to eradicate the misogynist, inhumane,  racist, and other forms of violence and injustice that plague our global carnist culture.

I dedicate this article to Carol, Addie Mae, Denise, and Cynthia, the four little girls killed 50 years ago on September 15th, 1963 at the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama.  Here is a link to the “Birmingham Sunday” music video (uploaded by ItsMyDream2, song written by Richard and Mimi Farina, and sung by Joan Baez)

Here is a link to the documentary, 4 Little Girls, produced by Spike Lee, 36 years ago.

Unconditional Love

Vegan Baby Eva LunaWe’re all in this together, and I believe that with unconditional Love and veganism, we can uplift humanity’s consciousness and usher in the Golden Age of Peace.

This coming era has been prophesied by many, including Isaiah; Nation shall not lift up sword against nation; neither shall they learn war anymore. The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog; and may you, your loved ones, and all who share this Earth be free from suffering in mind and body.

Here is a link to the Mary Magdalene, Miriam of Magdala print by Terese Nielson

Here are links to a 4 min. video, Sara La Kali, Black Madonna of Africa, and a 3 min. video, “I AM you”, created by Xenia Allen.


by Marlene Ahimsa Nareau


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9 Responses to Eve Was Framed: A loving tribute to women and girls

  • Denise Csecher says:

    Dearest Marlene,
    It is late in France & my mind is a little tired tonight…But i did read your article about “Eve was framed” & i must say i fully agree with it & find it inspiring! In the coming days i will give attention to all your articles & will ask you if i can share some on Fbk? Especially the one about Eve & Miriam of Magdala…You put a lot of work into this website & it is rich in knowledge…Once we were indeed gatherers of nuts & fruits & lived non-violently amongst animals..like in a paradise…You truly help me to go on with the VEGAN path i now follow with all my heart & that i will never leave…Since i am 19 i don’t eat meat but that was really not enough?…The torture we put animals through for milk , butter & eggs is frightening …& soo violent..It can never be good for our souls & karma?…I feel such happiness inside of me for being Vegan & the only thing i pray for every day is that more humans will follow this path back to a paradise lost…
    Sending you my admiration & affection,
    Denise Marguerite *-*

    • Marlene says:

      Merci, Denise!

      Your words are filled with insightful, powerful feminine knowledge and wisdom. It’s a very pleasant experience to read (and re-read) your comment! In a concise, beautifully written short piece, you articulate the full scope of Veganism.

      France is lucky to have your presence; and I know that by your grounded self-esteem and compassion, you are uplifting the consciousness of the country; and you are of tremendous importance and help to the billions of innocent, lovely animals. You are greatly appreciated, Denise.

      Oui, that would be great to share this information on Fbk. This Vegan Consciousness/Awareness movement (like the suffragists, abolitionists, and civil rights activists) requires our grassroots commitment and activism. I am very honored and feel contentment to be acquainted with you, sister. Peace. Love, Marlene

  • jele Votava says:

    Dear Marlene! Now I have read much more of this post and I’m even not yet finished whith it and will like very much to go on studying ! You make me so happy with that because when I read all this I can see that me and my companion are not alone at all with our feelings and thinkins. We came exactely to all the same results like You! I really felt tears coming to my eyes a several times by reading the textes! Do You know the speach of Jesus to the sick and ill people on the river? It is a part of the documentation in the “Rolle von Cumran” of the “Essener” that has been found in the desert in the last century or in the end of 19th. If not I will translate it and post it here for You for I find it very much important for all of us! Since my nutrition is purerly vegan, to me tears always come so easily again like in my childhood and I thank God for it and all the lovely people that carry that Love in their hearts from which everything depends! Just this morning I was crying and weeping again about the regular newsletter of Dr. Henrich. I still don’t know whether I should better shut my eyes sometimes or go on further looking at all the cruelties that people do to the animals and to themselves! Probably it is the best going on acting with courage and deepest believe in more and more better ways together to give that sort of degenerated civilysation this complete new direction that we as vegans are creating just now- even if we have to shed oceans of tears! 🙂 And it is more than tears, it is like stiches of a knive in my head again and again and everytime I must ask myself If I am guilty for all that too as a human beeing! I must say that! Sorry

    • Marlene says:


      Danke sehr! I appreciate your comments and feel your empathy. I believe that by sharing our compassion, it builds healing energy for ourselves, other people, animals, and the earth.

      I will be very grateful and pleased to receive Jesus’ message. I am in awe of the wealth of your wisdom and knowledge

      Here is a German video of activists. I don’t know the translation, however I can see that they are compassionate and powerful.


      Peace, Marlene

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  • Peacewriter says:

    I love this courageous article. Your heartfelt compassion for all shines through.

  • Marlene Ahimsa Nareau says:

    Thank you, Veronique. I have learned a lot from your posts in The Busy Vegan about the violence against our female sisters in the egg and dairy industry, and their relationship to the violence and exploitation of women and girls.

    Also, your article, The Vegan Solution to the Politics of Breast Cancer, in The Flaming Vegan website, is very important, informative, and enlightening.

    Thank you for sharing your personal experiences and wisdom, and for bringing healing and love to the world.

  • Veronique says:

    What a beautiful post Marlene. I was aware of the gospel of Mary Magdalene and even found the document at some point. Thank you for pointing out so clearly the link between violence to women and violence to animals.

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